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12.03.2021 | Research Paper Open Access

On the stochastic vehicle routing problem with time windows, correlated travel times, and time dependency

Most state-of-the-art algorithms for the Vehicle Routing Problem, such as Branch-and-Price algorithms or meta heuristics, rely on a fast feasibility test for a given route. We devise the first approach to approximately check feasibility in the …

23.02.2021 | Research Paper

Approximation issues of fractional knapsack with penalties: a note

Malaguti et al. introduce (Eur J Oper Res 273:874–888, 2019) the Fractional Knapsack Problem with Penalties, which is similar to the classical 0-1 Knapsack problem, except that each of the n variables associated with one of the n items can take …

10.02.2021 | PhD Thesis

Dealing with uncertainty in round robin sports scheduling

20.01.2021 | Research Paper

A dominance-based rough set approach applied to evaluate the credit risk of sovereign bonds

Even though sovereign bonds represent low-risk alternatives that give investors a healthy income, the risk assessment process for these bonds is still considered subjective because of the lack of criteria-related information and transparency of …

09.01.2021 | PhD Thesis

Sports timetabling: theoretical results and new insights in algorithm performance

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