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Acta Mechanica

Acta Mechanica 10/2020

Ausgabe 10/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 23 Artikel )

04.07.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

Sensitivity analysis of statistical energy analysis models based on interval perturbation approach

Haiyang Song, Zhaoqing Chen, Jian Zhang

04.07.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

Effect of Stone–Wales defects on the mechanical behavior of boron nitride nanotubes

Vijay Choyal, S. I. Kundalwal

04.07.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

Well-posed nonlocal elasticity model for finite domains and its application to the mechanical behavior of nanorods

Mohammad A. Maneshi, Esmaeal Ghavanloo, S. Ahmad Fazelzadeh

08.07.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

Active tunability of band gaps for a novel elastic metamaterial plate

Tao Ren, Chunchuan Liu, Fengming Li, Chuanzeng Zhang

08.07.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

An a priori error analysis of a Lord–Shulman poro-thermoelastic problem with microtemperatures

Jacobo Baldonedo, Noelia Bazarra, José R. Fernández, Ramón Quintanilla

08.07.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

Analytical solution of axisymmetric indentation of multi-layer coating on elastic substrate body

Kotaro Miura, Makoto Sakamoto, Yuji Tanabe

08.07.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020 Open Access

Characterization and dynamical stability of fully nonlinear strain solitary waves in a fluid-filled hyperelastic membrane tube

A. T. Il’íchev, V. A. Shargatov, Y. B. Fu

09.07.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

Analysis of a thermoelastic Timoshenko beam model

Ivana Bochicchio, Marco Campo, José R. Fernández, Maria Grazia Naso

15.07.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

Rayleigh waves in a nonlocal thermoelastic layer lying over a nonlocal thermoelastic half-space

Siddhartha Biswas

16.07.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

Evaluation of the integrals of Green’s function of Lamb’s model used in contact problems

Hemza Gherdaoui, Salah Guenfoud, Sergey V. Bosakov, Abdelouahab Rezaiguia, Debra F. Laefer

17.07.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

Stress intensity factors for bonded two half planes weakened by thermally insulated cracks

K. B. Hamzah, N. M. A. Nik Long, N. Senu, Z. K. Eshkuvatov

17.07.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

Effect of the gradient on the deflection of functionally graded microcantilever beams with surface stress

Xu-Long Peng, Li Zhang, Zi-Xuan Yang, Zhan-Yong Feng, Bing Zhao, Xian-Fang Li

20.07.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

Vibrational analysis of Love waves in a viscoelastic composite multilayered structure

Dharmendra Kumar, Santimoy Kundu, Raju Kumhar, Shishir Gupta

23.07.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

Geometrically nonlinear Euler–Bernoulli and Timoshenko micropolar beam theories

Praneeth Nampally, J. N. Reddy

24.07.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

Mechanical design and energy absorption analysis of spherical honeycomb core for soft-landing device buffer shell

Yangyang Dong, Tong Yu, Zijian Zhang

28.07.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

Nonlinear vibration of piezoelectric laminated nanobeams at higher modes based on nonlocal piezoelectric theory

M. Nazemizadeh, F. Bakhtiari-Nejad, A. Assadi, B. shahriari

27.07.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

Theoretical analysis and experimental measurement of coupling dynamic characteristics for transversely isotropic rectangular plate based on modified FSDT assumption

Yi-Chuang Wu, Chien-Ching Ma, Hong-Cin Liou

31.07.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

A microstructure-dependent anisotropic magneto-electro-elastic Mindlin plate model based on an extended modified couple stress theory

Y. L. Qu, P. Li, G. Y. Zhang, F. Jin, X.-L. Gao

01.08.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

An atomistic-based finite element progressive fracture model for silicene nanosheets

S. Nickabadi, R. Ansari, S. Rouhi

01.08.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

Vibration energy flow analysis of periodic nanoplate structures under thermal load using fourth-order strain gradient theory

Tao Chen, Haixia Chen, Liangmei Liu

03.08.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020 Open Access

An improved shear deformation theory for bending beams with symmetrically varying mechanical properties in the depth direction

Krzysztof Magnucki, Jerzy Lewinski, Ewa Magnucka-Blandzi

18.08.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 10/2020

Research on the loading–unloading fractal contact model between two three-dimensional spherical rough surfaces with regard to friction

Honghai Wang, Peng Jia, Liquan Wang, Feihong Yun, Gang Wang, Xiangyu Wang, Ming Liu

31.07.2020 | Note | Ausgabe 10/2020

Viewing the Solar System via a variable-coefficient nonlinear dispersive-wave system

Xin-Yi Gao, Yong-Jiang Guo, Wen-Rui Shan

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