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21.03.2018 | Research Paper

An improved dynamic model for a silicone material beam with large deformation

Dynamic modeling for incompressible hyperelastic materials with large deformation is an important issue in biomimetic applications. The previously proposed lower-order fully parameterized absolute nodal coordinate formulation (ANCF) beam element …

21.03.2018 | Research Paper

Numerical computation of central crack growth in an active particle of electrodes influenced by multiple factors

Mechanical degradation, especially fractures in active particles in an electrode, is a major reason why the capacity of lithium-ion batteries fades. This paper proposes a model that couples Li-ion diffusion, stress evolution, and damage mechanics …

19.03.2018 | Research Paper

Multibody dynamic analysis using a rotation-free shell element with corotational frame

Rotation-free shell formulation is a simple and effective method to model a shell with large deformation. Moreover, it can be compatible with the existing theories of finite element method. However, a rotation-free shell is seldom employed in …

15.03.2018 | Research Paper

A novel method for predicting the power outputs of wave energy converters

This paper focuses on realistically predicting the power outputs of wave energy converters operating in shallow water nonlinear waves. A heaving two-body point absorber is utilized as a specific calculation example, and the generated power of the …

15.03.2018 | Research Paper

Isogeometric analysis of free-form Timoshenko curved beams including the nonlinear effects of large deformations

In the present paper, the isogeometric analysis (IGA) of free-form planar curved beams is formulated based on the nonlinear Timoshenko beam theory to investigate the large deformation of beams with variable curvature. Based on the isoparametric …

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Acta Mechanica Sinica, sponsored by the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, promotes scientific exchanges and collaboration among Chinese scientists in China and abroad. It features high quality, original papers in all aspects of mechanics and mechanical sciences.

Not only does the journal explore the classical subdivisions of theoretical and applied mechanics such as solid and fluid mechanics, it also explores recently emerging areas such as biomechanics and nanomechanics. In addition, the journal investigates analytical, computational, and experimental progresses in all areas of mechanics. Lastly, it encourages research in interdisciplinary subjects, serving as a bridge between mechanics and other branches of engineering and the sciences.

In addition to research papers, Acta Mechanica Sinica publishes reviews, notes, experimental techniques, scientific events, and other special topics of interest.

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