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01.02.2015 | Ausgabe 1-2/2015 Open Access

Adsorption 1-2/2015

Adsorption characteristics of propan-2-ol vapours on activated carbon Sorbonorit 4 in electrothermal temperature swing adsorption process

Adsorption > Ausgabe 1-2/2015
D. Downarowicz


Adsorption characteristics of propan-2-ol on Sorbonorit 4 activated carbon were determined using the breakthrough curve tests in a cyclic electrothermal temperature swing adsorption process. Maximum adsorption capacity, breakthrough time, throughput ratio and length of unused bed were also evaluated. As a result of multiple regeneration, the adsorption capacity of Sorbonorit 4 increased. Electrothermally-induced changes in the internal structure of Sorbonorit 4 and in the chemical composition of its surface were assessed based on adsorption equilibrium measurements by the gravimetric method and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). Three samples of virgin, direct resistively heated and electrothermally regenerated Sorbonorit 4 were used. The structural characteristics of activated carbon show that that fresh and direct resistive heated Sorbonorit 4 has a bimodal structure. Regenerated activated carbon contains one fraction of micropores. XPS analysis revealed that the same hydroxyl, carbonyl and carboxyl groups were found on the surface of all Sorbonorit 4 samples, albeit in different volume ratios. Regenerated Sorbonorit 4 has higher adsorption capacity than pure adsorbent while resistively heated Sorbonorit 4 displays lower adsorption efficiency.
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