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Journal of the International Adsorption Society

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19.01.2019 Open Access

Synthesis of highly crystalline photocatalysts based on TiO2 and ZnO for the degradation of organic impurities under visible-light irradiation

A TiO2–ZnO binary oxide system (with molar ratio TiO2:ZnO = 8:2) was synthesized by a hydrothermal method, assisted by calcination at temperatures of 500, 600 and 700 °C, using zinc citrate as the precursor of ZnO. The morphology (SEM, TEM) …


Zeolite-loaded aerogel as a primary vacuum sorption pump in planetary instruments

Zeolite-loaded aerogel (ZLA) getters were devised and developed for maintaining vacuum in the Seismic Experience for Interior Structure (SEIS) instrument on the NASA InSight mission to Mars. The ZLA are very lightweight compound materials (~ 0.1 …

18.01.2019 Open Access

Adsorption of monoterpene alcohols at the water–air interface

The measurements of the surface tension of aqueous solutions of 10 monoterpene alcohols, MAs: (−)-β-citronellol, geraniol, tetrahydrolinalool, linalool, (−)-menthol, (−)-terpinen-4-ol, p-cymene-8-ol, α-terpineol, isoborneol and (−)-borneol were …


Carbon gel monoliths with introduced straight microchannels for phenol adsorption

Adsorption of phenol using carbon adsorbents in the form of a packed bed of particles inherently suffers from the incompatibility between low hydraulic resistance and short diffusion path length. In this work, carbon gel monoliths made from …

10.01.2019 Open Access

Evaluation of sorption capabilities of biopolymeric microspheres by the solid-phase extraction

This study presents the sorption capabilities of biopolymeric microspheres with commercial kraft lignin. The suspension-emulsion polymerization method was employed to obtain microspheres in spherical forms. Before copolymerization lignin was …

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The journal Adsorption provides authoritative information on adsorption and allied fields to scientists, engineers, and technologists throughout the world. The information takes the form of peer-reviewed articles, R&D notes, topical review papers, tutorial papers, book reviews, meeting announcements, and news.
Coverage includes fundamental and practical aspects of adsorption: mathematics, thermodynamics, chemistry, and physics, as well as processes, applications, models engineering, and equipment design.

Among the topics are Adsorbents: new materials, new synthesis techniques, characterization of structure and properties, and applications; Equilibria: novel theories or semi-empirical models, experimental data, and new measurement methods; Kinetics: new models, experimental data, and measurement methods. Processes: chemical, biochemical, environmental, and other applications, purification or bulk separation, fixed bed or moving bed systems, simulations, experiments, and design procedures.

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