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Journal of the International Adsorption Society

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Calculation of adsorption properties of aluminophosphate and aluminosilicate zeolites

Microporous oxide materials are widely used in various areas of chemical and petrochemical industry as supports of catalytically active components as well as catalysts for other acid-catalyzed reactions. Such microporous materials play an …


Adsorption of cesium on bound porous materials containing embedded phosphotungstic acid

The adsorption of cesium on mesoporous silica materials containing embedded phosphotungstic acid (PTA) was studied. The materials contained active adsorbent and binders: γ-Al2O3, kaolin, or charcoal. The presence of Keggin units of PTA in the …

09.08.2017 Open Access

Enthalpy–entropy compensation for isosteric state adsorption at near ambient temperatures

The adsorption process at near ambient temperatures indicated that the EEC (enthalpy–entropy compensation) is affected by three basic thermodynamic values: ∆H, ∆S and T. The consequence is that it is possible to determine an isosteric straight …


Nitrogen substitution and vacancy mediated scandium metal adsorption on carbon nanotubes

First-principle calculation reveals that N containing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) can support the functionalization of transition metals such as Sc on the CNT surface. For N-substituted CNTs without a vacancy, the enhanced adsorption results from …


Functionalization of carbon silica composites via in-pore synthesis of active sites for NH and SO adsorption

To enhance the gas adsorption of toxic industrial chemicals such as NH $$_3$$ 3 and SO $$_2$$ 2 , a biphasic carbon silica composite (CSC) is functionalized with combinations of potassium carbonate or potassium phosphate and various metal …

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The journal Adsorption provides authoritative information on adsorption and allied fields to scientists, engineers, and technologists throughout the world. The information takes the form of peer-reviewed articles, R&D notes, topical review papers, tutorial papers, book reviews, meeting announcements, and news.
Coverage includes fundamental and practical aspects of adsorption: mathematics, thermodynamics, chemistry, and physics, as well as processes, applications, models engineering, and equipment design.

Among the topics are Adsorbents: new materials, new synthesis techniques, characterization of structure and properties, and applications; Equilibria: novel theories or semi-empirical models, experimental data, and new measurement methods; Kinetics: new models, experimental data, and measurement methods. Processes: chemical, biochemical, environmental, and other applications, purification or bulk separation, fixed bed or moving bed systems, simulations, experiments, and design procedures.

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