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Journal of the International Adsorption Society

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Exploring the multiple solutions of the classical density functional theory using metadynamics based method

The density functional theory (DFT) has been applied to describe confined fluids with great success in the literature. However, the usual numerical methods to solve the Euler–Lagrange equations of the grand potential functional are inefficient …


Response to the letter to the editor by Silva and Rodrigues

CO 2 in 13X beads is macropore diffusion limited as reported by several independent studies. These include frequency response systems [ 1 – 6 ]; volumetric and ZLC measurements [ 7 ]; and microcalorimetry [ 8 ]. Of particular relevance is the study …


D-optimal experimental designs for precise parameter estimation of adsorption equilibrium models: initial concentration and solvent volume to adsorbent mass ratio as independent variables

A usual experimental procedure for evaluation of solid–liquid adsorption isotherm models consists in varying the initial concentration of adsorbate, while keeping constant the ratio between the solution volume and adsorbent mass. However, one may …


Description of the thickness of the adsorbed layer, identification of the instability characteristics of the liquid–vapour interface and assessment of criticality in elliptical pores through the Broekhoff de Boer theory

This paper analyses the growth of the adsorbed layer during the course of $$N_2$$ N 2 adsorption verified in two types of elliptical pores, oblates and prolates, by means of the Broekhoff de Boer theory. The information provided by the value of …

26.06.2021 Open Access

Activity coefficient models for accurate prediction of adsorption azeotropes

In this study seven adsorption azeotropes involving binary systems and zeolite-based adsorbents were systematically investigated. Pure component isotherms and mixed-gas adsorption data were taken from published literature except for the …

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The journal Adsorption provides authoritative information on adsorption and allied fields to scientists, engineers, and technologists throughout the world. The information takes the form of peer-reviewed articles, R&D notes, topical review papers, tutorial papers, book reviews, meeting announcements, and news.
Coverage includes fundamental and practical aspects of adsorption: mathematics, thermodynamics, chemistry, and physics, as well as processes, applications, models engineering, and equipment design.

Among the topics are Adsorbents: new materials, new synthesis techniques, characterization of structure and properties, and applications; Equilibria: novel theories or semi-empirical models, experimental data, and new measurement methods; Kinetics: new models, experimental data, and measurement methods. Processes: chemical, biochemical, environmental, and other applications, purification or bulk separation, fixed bed or moving bed systems, simulations, experiments, and design procedures.

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