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Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing

Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing
77 Jahrgänge | 2003 - 2020


Information systems and intelligent knowledge processing are playing an increasing role in business, science and technology. Recently, advanced information systems have evolved to facilitate the co-evolution of human and information networks within communities. These advanced information systems use various paradigms including artificial intelligence, knowledge management, and neural science as well as conventional information processing paradigms.
The aim of this series is to publish books on new designs and applications of advanced information and knowledge processing paradigms in areas including but not limited to aviation, business, security, education, engineering, health, management, and science.

Books in the series should have a strong focus on information processing - preferably combined with, or extended by, new results from adjacent sciences. Proposals for research monographs, reference books, coherently integrated multi-author edited books, and handbooks will be considered for the series and each proposal will be reviewed by the Series Editors, with additional reviews from the editorial board and independent reviewers where appropriate. Titles published within the Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing Series are included in Thomson Reuters' Book Citation Index and Scopus.

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05.12.2018 | Buchreihe

SpringerBriefs in Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing

SpringerBriefs in Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing

Alle Bücher der Reihe Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing

2020 | Buch

Mining Software Engineering Data for Software Reuse

This monograph discusses software reuse and how it can be applied at different stages of the software development process, on different types of data and at different levels of granularity. Several challenging hypotheses are analyzed and …

2020 | Buch

Artificial Intelligence in Economics and Finance Theories

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) seizes all aspects of human life, there is a fundamental shift in the way in which humans are thinking of and doing things. Ordinarily, humans have relied on economics and finance theories to make sense of, and …

2019 | Buch

Hierarchical Feature Selection for Knowledge Discovery

Application of Data Mining to the Biology of Ageing

This book is the first work that systematically describes the procedure of data mining and knowledge discovery on Bioinformatics databases by using the state-of-the-art hierarchical feature selection algorithms. The novelties of this book are …

2019 | Buch

Learning Representation for Multi-View Data Analysis

Models and Applications

This book equips readers to handle complex multi-view data representation, centered around several major visual applications, sharing many tips and insights through a unified learning framework. This framework is able to model most existing …

2019 | Buch

Adaptive Resonance Theory in Social Media Data Clustering

Roles, Methodologies, and Applications

Social media data contains our communication and online sharing, mirroring our daily life. This book looks at how we can use and what we can discover from such big data:

Basic knowledge (data & challenges) on social media analytics

Clustering as a …

2017 | Buch

Python for Graph and Network Analysis

This research monograph provides the means to learn the theory and practice of graph and network analysis using the Python programming language. The social network analysis techniques, included, will help readers to efficiently analyze social data …

2017 | Buch

Understanding Information

From the Big Bang to Big Data

The motivation of this edited book is to generate an understanding about information, related concepts and the roles they play in the modern, technology permeated world. In order to achieve our goal, we observe how information is understood in …

2017 | Buch

Robust Representation for Data Analytics

Models and Applications

This book introduces the concepts and models of robust representation learning, and provides a set of solutions to deal with real-world data analytics tasks, such as clustering, classification, time series modeling, outlier detection …

2017 | Buch

Artificial Intelligence and Economic Theory: Skynet in the Market

This book theoretically and practically updates major economic ideas such as demand and supply, rational choice and expectations, bounded rationality, behavioral economics, information asymmetry, pricing, efficient market hypothesis, game theory …

2016 | Buch

Foundations and Methods in Combinatorial and Statistical Data Analysis and Clustering

This book offers an original and broad exploration of the fundamental methods in Clustering and Combinatorial Data Analysis, presenting new formulations and ideas within this very active field.

With extensive introductions, formal and mathematical …

2016 | Buch

Numeric Computation and Statistical Data Analysis on the Java Platform

Numerical computation, knowledge discovery and statistical data analysis integrated with powerful 2D and 3D graphics for visualization are the key topics of this book. The Python code examples powered by the Java platform can easily be transformed …

2015 | Buch

Metasynthetic Computing and Engineering of Complex Systems

Provides a comprehensive overview and introduction to the concepts, methodologies, analysis, design and applications of metasynthetic computing and engineering. The author: • Presents an overview of complex systems, especially open complex giant syst

2015 | Buch

Machine Learning for Audio, Image and Video Analysis

Theory and Applications

This second edition focuses on audio, image and video data, the three main types of input that machines deal with when interacting with the real world. A set of appendices provides the reader with self-contained introductions to the mathematical b

2015 | Buch

Data Mining for Social Robotics

Toward Autonomously Social Robots

This book explores an approach to social robotics based solely on autonomous unsupervised techniques and positions it within a structured exposition of related research in psychology, neuroscience, HRI, and data mining. The authors present a

2014 | Buch

Secure Information Management Using Linguistic Threshold Approach

In recent years, cryptographic techniques for protecting and hiding secret information have been included in directions of research on intelligent information management. Data can be managed securely due to the use of algorithms for ensuring the c

2014 | Buch

Mathematical Tools for Data Mining

Set Theory, Partial Orders, Combinatorics

Data mining essentially relies on several mathematical disciplines, many of which are presented in this second edition of this book. Topics include partially ordered sets, combinatorics, general topology, metric spaces, linear spaces, graph theory. T

2014 | Buch

Knowledge Cartography

Software Tools and Mapping Techniques

Focuses on the process by which manually crafting interactive, hypertextual maps clarifies one’s own understanding, communicates it to others, and enables collective intelligence. The authors see mapping software as visual tools for reading and writi

2014 | Buch

Natural and Artificial Reasoning

An Exploration of Modelling Human Thinking

What are the limitations of computer models and why do we still not have working models of people that are recognizably human? This is the principle puzzle explored in this book where ideas behind systems that behave intelligently are described an

2014 | Buch

Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Rational Decision Making

Develops insights into solving complex problems in engineering, biomedical sciences, social science and economics based on artificial intelligence. Some of the problems studied are in interstate conflict, credit scoring, breast cancer diagnosis, c

2014 | Buch

Information Systems Management in the Big Data Era

This timely text/reference explores the business and technical issues involved in the management of information systems in the era of big data and beyond. Topics and features: presents review questions and discussion topics in each chapter for classr

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