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2015 | Buchreihe

Advanced Structured Materials

Advanced Structured Materials

173 Jahrgänge | 2010 - 2023


Common engineering materials are reaching their limits in many applications, and new developments are required to meet the increasing demands on engineering materials. The performance of materials can be improved by combining different materials to achieve better properties than with a single constituent, or by shaping the material or constituents into a specific structure. The interaction between material and structure can occur at different length scales, such as the micro, meso, or macro scale, and offers potential applications in very different fields.
This book series addresses the fundamental relationships between materials and their structure on overall properties (e.g., mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical, or magnetic properties, etc.). Experimental data and procedures are presented, as well as methods for modeling structures and materials using numerical and analytical approaches. In addition, the series shows how these materials engineering and design processes are implemented and how new technologies can be used to optimize materials and processes.
Advanced Structured Materials is indexed in Google Scholar and Scopus.