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CSISE2011 is an integrated conference concentrating its focus upon Computer Science,Intelligent System and Environment. In the proceeding, you can learn much more knowledge about Computer Science, Intelligent System and Environment of researchers all around the world. The international conference will provide a forum for engineers, scientist, teachers and all researchers to discuss their latest research achievements and their future research plan. The main role of the proceeding is to be used as an exchange pillar for researchers who are working in the mentioned field. In order to meet high standard of Springer´s Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing ,the organization committee has made their efforts to do the following things. Firstly, poor quality paper has been refused after reviewing course by anonymous referee experts. Secondly, periodically review meetings have been held around the reviewers about five times for exchanging reviewing suggestions. Finally, the conference organization had several preliminary sessions before the conference. Through efforts of different people and departments, the conference will be successful and fruitful. We hope that you can get much more knowledges from our CSISE2011, and we also hope that you can give us good suggestions to improve our work in the future.



Study of University Physics Teaching Based on Information Technology with Education Practice

Today’s university physics teaching is facing some difficulties such as short teaching hours and richer contents. This article firstly analyses the present situation of university physics. Then it points out that the way out of the university physics teaching reform is the organic integration of information technology and university physics teaching. The additional role of information technology would be gave full play and then the teaching methods can be optimized. According to teaching practice, some suggestions about integrated approach are proposed in this article.

Yonghua Cao, Yinhao Gao, Xuwen Guo, Lianfeng Zhang

Study of the Non-planarity of the Desargues Graph

In this paper, we give the definition and construction of the Desargues graph, and illustrate some of its properties like symmetry, hamiltonicity, etc. We put forward and analyze three different methods which are both traditional and innovative to prove the non-planarity of the Desargues graph.

Yanzhong Hu, Hongfang Luo

Using Ontology and Rough Set Building e-Commerce Knowledge Management System

The variable precision rough-set model can be thought of as a generalization of the rough-set model. Rough set theory expresses vagueness not by means of membership, but by employing a boundary region of a set. The design of ontology can be based on classificatory knowledge or generic knowledge. The paper proposes using ontology and rough set to build the knowledge management model in e-commerce recommendation system, and to suffice the needs of theory and application in E-commerce recommendation system, and the experiments shows the CPU Time in the attribute numbers, indicating that ontology is superior to rough set in building the e-commerce knowledge management system.

Guo Li, QiHua Peng

Analyses on Influence of Training Data Set to Neural Network Supervised Learning Performance

The influence of training data set on the supervised learning performance of artificial neural network (ANN) is studied in detail in this paper. First, some illustrative experiments are conducted, which verify that different training data set can lead to different supervised learning performance of ANN; secondly, the necessity of carrying data preprocessing to training data set is analyzed, and how training data set affect the supervised learning is summarized; at last, the existing methods about improving performance of ANN by using high-quality training data are discussed.

Yu Zhou, Yali Wu

Multi-intelligence Agents Application in Cold-Bending Formation Theory to Modification

The cold-bending formation in plate metal is a complex process since influence factors are various. The forming defects are appeared at random in practice. They must be adjusted or modified to overcome on the spot. Cold-bending formation theory should be made necessary modification to accommodate varied information. A new theory with splines finite strip method is established to satisfy the practical demands. It determined the splines strip rationally and simplified boundary condition. Aiming at the qualitative shaping factors which are difficult to quantify, the situation of the information system and the effective advices of information construction is simply introduced. According to specialist experience, theory system of multi-Agent was established. This work can provide theoretical guidance for complex pass design.

Juncai Zhang, Fen Liu, Qingguo Chen

Reconstructing Scanning Information of 2D Contour in Direct Slicing for RP

Data processing based on STL file, possessing a staircase effect at birth, restricts the further improvement of the part precision in Rapid Prototyping (RP). Using the original CAD model, direct slicing can maintained the interior topological and geometrical information of CAD model, improving the accuracy of RP. Slicing data processing is one of the most important steps in RP software. In this paper, the direct slicing data are processed in order to accurately extract and reconstruct the data information of the 2D contours, which can be used directly by the molding machine of RP. They are obtained by calculating points of the scanning path and a polygon intersecting each other in sequence. Aiming at the abnormity of the scanning paths and a polygon meeting at vertex, a combination of unifying and eliminating was applied to the same points. Based on the Windows operating system, the program above is developed with Visual C++ and the tools of ObjectARX in AutoCAD environment. The work will be practically beneficial to forming the scanning paths of 2D contour in CAD model.

Qingguo Chen, Suhuan Ni

Situation and Risk of Earthquake-Induced Geo-hazards in Middle Reaches of Bailongjiang River, China

The middle reaches of the Bailongjiang River in southern Gansu province is one of the frequent geo-hazards areas and also the most damaged areas induced by 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake in China. Based on the information of secondary geo-hazards investigated by Gansu Provincial Department of Land Resources, the situation, risk and distribution characteristics of the earthquake-induced geo-hazards in study area have been analyzed. The analytical results showed that the situation of the disaster was not only related to the earthquake itself and its geological environments but also to human activities. The situation of the disaster and the potential risk are much more serious on both sides of rivers, roads, and the adjacent area of towns and villages. The 5.12 earthquake-induced geo-hazards appeared in large scale, dense distribution, serious disaster situation and higher risk in the downstream areas of many flowing basins with relatively higher population density and much frequenter human activities. These study results could be significance with some scientific basis to the post-disaster reconstruction and the prevention of secondary geological disasters.

Shouyun Liang, Yunxing Wang, Ziqiang Zhou, Chengyi Fan

An Empirical Study on the Nonlinear Impacts of CPI to Stock Market in China

This paper uses the smooth transition regression (STR) model to study the nonlinear relation between the consumer price index (CPI) and the composite index of Shanghai Stock Market in China from 1999 to 2011. The results show that there exists one way Granger causality relation from CPI to stock market in China; the internal relation between the CPI and stock market’s composite index appears as linearity in most of the time, while it turns to nonlinearity during Subprime Lending Crisis.

Jianbao Chen, Huanjun Zhu

The Research of Lagrangian Support Vector Machine Based on Flexible Polyhedron Search Algorithm

Parameters selection is important in the research area of support vector machine. Based on flexible polyhedron search algorithm, this paper proposes automatic parameters selection for Lagrangian support vector machine. An equipment fault classification illustrates that lagrangian support vector machine based on particle swarm optimization has fine classification ability.

YongQi Chen, XiangSheng Yang

A Novel Objects Recognition Technique

In this paper, we assume that the objects can be classified according to the pattern in the contour, i.e. features such as dimension, position and orientation are only confounding factors which should not be used in the recognition process. Based on these assumptions, a novel patter Recognition technique was proposed to recognize two dimensional objects with closed contours via the use of Fast Fourier Transform and a constrained k-means clustering technique.

XiaoXue Li

A Fast Lagrangian Support Vector Machine Model

Lagrangian support vector machine(LSVM) is a kind of method with good generalization ability. But, LSVM is not suitable for classification online because the computation complexity. So in this paper, a fast LSVM is proposed. This method can deduce running time because it fully utilizes the historical training results and reduces memory and calculates time. Finally, an example is accomplished to demonstrate the effect of fast LSVM.

Jian Yuan, YongQi Chen, XiangSheng Yang

A De-noising Method Based on Sparse Representation under the Framework of MCA

Due to the good ability of Contourlet transform to represent image edges, and the effectiveness of redundant dictionary for capturing various geometrical structural features of images, it is possible to weaken pseudo-Gibbs phenomena in the process of image de-noising. According to Meyer’s image cartoon- texture model, under the framework of morphological component analysis, a method for image de-noising based on Contourlet transform and learned dictionary is proposed. The method used Contourlet transform to represent the cartoon component, and constructed a redundant dictionary by learning algorithm to represent the texture component sparsely. Experimental results show that, in comparison with wavelet-based de-noising methods and some algorithms based on learned-dictionary lonely, our method has better de-noising ability, preserves more edge, contour and detail image information and improves the peak signal-to-noise ratio.

Lei Li, Yuemei Ren

The Application of Neural Network Model in Earthquake Prediction in East China

This paper presents a full research about earthquake catalogue. We use the earthquake factor to describe the earthquake, make the prediction based on the earthquake data during the past period of time. Considering the nonlinear prediction ability and the generalization ability, we make the seismicity variation rate as the input and create a neural network model. Then validate the model by analyzing the seismicities in East China and illustrate the steps of this method.

Juan Xie, Jian-Feng Qiu, Wei Li, Ji-Wen Wang

Soil Moisture Content Error Detection Based on DBSCAN Algorithm

The utilize of GStar-I soil moisture content viewer has greatly changed the information management of meteorological departments, the accuracy of the equipment is a big problem. Checking the possible malfunction of the equipment from the collected data intelligently is a solution. DBSCAN algorithm is a clustering algorithm, which can help to discover the noise points help to classify the noise points can analyze the reason of malfunction.

Jian-Ming Li, Lei Han, Shu-Yong Zhen, Lun-Tao Yao

Research on the Aging Property of Electric Field Influence on Corn Seeds

Electric field as a physical factor, its impact on organism has become an important research topic in biophysics. Trying to find the rule of electric field’s impact on plant growth has the important meaning for carrying out the deep research of the influence of electric field on plants and for developing and utilizing the electric biological effects. In this paper, we have processed the corn seeds through electric field firstly, and then carried out experimental determination on its germination situation. At last, we have analyzed the relationship between electric biological effects and processing conditions, as well as the aging property of electric biological effects. The results show that the influence of different processing conditions (different electric field intensity and different processing time) on the biomass of seed and seedling is different.

Siqingaowa Bao, Zhanxin Ma

Experimental Study on Influence on Operation Temperature of Centrifugal Pump’s Bearing for Different Compound Mode

The paper aimed at the problems of bearings running in the higher operating temperature for a centrifugal pump used in water treatment system to provide high-pressure water and analyzed the reasons caused bearings running in the higher operating temperature based on stress state of pump bearing and combined with internal flow pattern with centrifugal pump. The solution was raised to change bearing types and specifications and new bearing combination scheme. The solution achieved anticipated goal to reduce the operating temperature of bearings through the experiment proves. The scheme provides a reference method for operation and maintenance to the centrifugal pump and this conclusion can also provide the reference for pump structure design.

JianHua Liu, Rui Wang

Combined Optimal Method of Drawing Reservoir Optimal Operation Figure

The optimal scheduling figure is an important means to realize the maximal comprehensive benefit of the reservoir. Based on the ideas of reservoir normal operation graph, the paper puts forward to combined optimal method of drawing optimal scheduling figure, the method presets lines and outputs first, and then ascertains scheduling line number, location and the outputs of each dispatch areas by progressive optimization algorithm (POA) using historical data. Case study shows the method has good optimization performance, and strong maneuverability and practicability.

XueShan Ai, ZhiYun Gao

The Performance of SAF with Novel Media on Oestrogen Removal

Submerged aerated filters (SAFs) are an attractive technology in wastewater treatment with low capital costs and small footprint, but little was known on the refractory organic removal in this reactor. upflow SAFs filled with wool fleece media and Kaldnes was operated in the lab under well-controlled conditions. Experiments using E1, E2 and EE2 were employed to study the removal behaviour of SAFs. Oestrogen removal showed higher removal efficiency in the SAF with wool than that with Kaldnes. This was thought to be due to the fact that the adsorption characteristics of wool could lead to a better adsorption of hydrophobic pollutants in well mixed reactors, thus more microorganisms could accumulate for better removal behaviour.

Bibo Hu, Andrew Wheatley, Chun Yang

Effect of Sulfur Dioxide Sub-chronic Exposure on Cytokine Levels in Lungs and Serum of Rats

Both male and female rats were exposed to SO2 while their controls were exposed to filtered air. Levels of interlukin-6 (IL-6), tumor necrosis factor-




), transforming growth factor-


1 (TGF-


1) in rat lung and serum were measured by the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) after chronic exposure to SO2. A statistically significant increase in the levels of IL-6 and TNF-


was observed in the lung tissues of both male and female rats. No effects on tested cytokines were observed in rat serum, except for a significant increase in TNF-


level in male rats. There is no significant change in TGF-


1 level in rat lung and serum.

Fenglei Li, Yuxiang Liu

Development of Ontology-Based Information System Using Formal Concept Analysis and Association Rules

Recent advances in information system development suggest the use of ontology as a main knowledge management tool. Ontology contains concepts, a hierarchy, arbitrary relations between concepts, and possibly other axioms. However, there are some defects between several kinds of existing ontology construction methods in many aspects. After analyzing and comparing, this paper makes up these defects by applying formal concept analysis and association rule theory to construct concept hierarchies of ontology. This paper puts forward formal concept analysis and association rules applied in ontology learning based on non-structured of source data. The experimental results have shown our suggested ontology-based information system will increase precision and performance.

Xin Bai, XiangZhen Zhou

Research of Fault Diagnosis on Numerically-Controlled System

Based on the cause of fault while the numerical control machine produces, the principle and traditional methods of fault diagnosis were expounded about the numerical control machine. Using sensors and Intelligent CNC system, a new method was advanced, the method can well test the fault of numerical control machine, and the foundation was established to develop further the fault Diagnosis method.

Qinghua Li, Chunshan He, Shiqiang Ma

Using Ontology to Build Information Recommendation System in e-Commerce

The aim of ontologies is to formalize domain knowledge in a generic way and provide a common understanding of a domain, which may be used and shared by applications and groups.This study attempts to propose a framework to improve and upgrade the effectiveness of E-C recommendation by ontology building algorithms. As a result, a e-commerce system is built using the existing standards cited above by overcoming their limits and sharing their different advantages. This paper puts forward using ontology to build information recommendation system in e-commerce. The experimental results have shown our suggested information system will increase precision and performance.

Juan Zhang, Yan Wang

Multi-focus Image Fusion Using M-Band Wavelet Transformation

For the purpose of solving the problems posed by multi-focus image fusion in wavelet domain, we propose the M-bands wavelet transformation based image fusion method. As the M-bands domain is superior to 2-bands domain in two aspects of energy compaction and direction selection. Considering the multi-scale, multi-direction and local correlation attributes in M-bands wavelet domain, a cross-band-window based image fusion approach is brought forward. The experimental results show that the approach is superior to the 2-bands wavelet based method both in visual effect and quantized norms.

Siyu Lai, Yi Liu

Error Detection Technique for Soil Moisture Content Viewer

The error detection of soil moisture content viewer is a hot topic to meteorological departments, this paper introduces a soil moisture content error data detection system to detect the broken devices, support vector machines theory is used to be the classifier to detect the error device from the collected data. The structure of the system is also introduced in this paper. The experiments have shown its feasibility.

Jian-Ming Li, Lei Han, Shu-Yong Zhen, Lun-Tao Yao

Image Fusion Method Based on Multi-band Wavelet Transform

Image fusion is one important application in information processing area. The goal of image fusion is to integrate complementary information from multi-sensor data such that the new images are more suitable for the purpose of human visual perception and computer-processing. Wavelet analysis, which has the local excellence both in time and frequency domain, has become a principal technique in image fusion. With the development of the multi-band wavelet in recent years, image fusion based on wavelet has come into a new area. We give the decomposed and reconstructed algorithm of M-band wavelet, and propose an image fusion scheme which is based on the M-band wavelet transform. By compare with the fusion scheme, we find the M-band wavelet scheme has better quality in image fusion.

YuanGan Wang

Vegetation Coverage Change Trend in Inner Mongolia of China during 1998-2008

Vegetation is sensitive to reflect the change of ecological environment, so it is significant to study the vegetation dynamics for ecological environment protection and ecological early warning. Based on the time series of the SPOT/VEGETATION NDVI dataset, this paper has obtained the spatial distribution of NDVI in Inner Mongolia (IM), analyzed the characteristics of NDVI change trend in the period of 1998-2008 by Maximum Value Composites (MVC) and Mann-Kendall test. The main findings are as follows: (1) NDVI time series in most regions of IM has tendency in the recent 10 years. (2) The significant increased areas of vegetation cover are mostly distributed in the area of severe desertification, and the significant decreased areas of vegetation cover are mainly located in the typical steppes.

Lei Cao, Jianhua Xu, Yang Yang

Integrated Transport Development and Ecological Environment Game Identification

Taking both side of the Integrated Transportation System and Ecological Environment System as the research object, the interaction between Integrated Transportation System and Ecological Environment System is analyzed, and then the concepts of identification for game of them, influence force, game force, resultant game force and predominance are put forward herein. Adopting the game identification method discussed to analyze Integrated Transportation System and the ecological environment aimed to achieving sustainable integrated transportation system in the development and finding out the influence in the dominant key factor for the future development of an integrated transportation system to provide a scientific basis for decision-making.

QingFeng Zhou, Lan Liu

Optical Path Alignment Method of the Soot Concentration Measurement System Using the Scattering Integral Method

The soot concentration measurement system based on the scattering integral method has more advantages. However, the poor optical path alignment will directly affect the measurement accuracy. The measurement error caused by the poor optical path alignment of the measurement system is analyzed. For the measurement system, a new type of optical path adjustment method is brought out which is divided into two parts: coarse and fine adjustment. A new type of four-quadrant photoelectric sensor is designed to adjust easily optical path. Experimental results show that the optical path alignment method can improve the precision of optical path adjustment and reduce the soot concentration measurement error.

Yanjun Zhao, Yichen Lu, Ruikun Gong, Bin Qu

The Quantai Ecological Urban Design Based on the Dark-Green Concept

The dark green type of eco-village is the symbol of city which means that city has a high sustainable development. This paper proposed the "network overlay" design of the eco-city from the eye of "dark green" which based on the coal power station re-design of Xuzhou in China. The combination of the public space network, the public transport networks and the energy circulation network has positive feedback to spatial layout in social, cultural and economic aspects. During the planning process of eco-village, the LEED-ND rating system which is introduced to assess the level of carbon, can be used to prove the results are consistent with the sustainable standards.

DongDong Zhu, Jing Sheng

Analysis and Protection of SYN Flood Attack

This paper described the basic principles of SYN flood attacks, and then described in detail the implementation of two more effective and convenient defense method, SYN-cookie technology and state-based monitoring of the source address technology. SYN-cookie technology achieved a stateless handshake, to prevent the resources consumption of SYN flood. Based on monitoring of the source address state technology can connect to each server’s IP address to monitor the status of the initiative to take measures to prevent SYN flood attacks. These two technologies are the most mature and proven technology for the defense of all SYN flood attacks.

Xianmin Wei

Simultaneous Denitrification by Complex Adsorption in Bubbling Reactor

The process and mechanism of NO and SO2 adsorption by [Co(en)3]2+ in bubble reactor were investigated. Under the experimental conditions that temperature was 20°C, pH value was 13.0, and concentration of [Co(en)3]2+ was 0.025mol/L, 1g CaO, NH3·H2O, NaOH and carbide slag were added respectively, the solution added NH3·H2O and carbide slag gave a high NO removal rate, and after continuous absorption for 60min the NO removal rate was maintained above 93.5%, Adding NaOH and NH3·H2O, the removal of SO2 were high.

Shengyu Liu, Lichao Nengzi, Bing Qu, Chengwei Lu, Wei Qiu

Analysis and Improvement of Vault Algorithm Theory Based on Fuzzy Extraction Technology

Based on fuzzy extraction technology a fingerprint key algorithm to improve vault algorithm is designed, which has proved a device error in fuzzy vault algorithm: the use of RS code is unreasonable. The algorithm overcomes most of the problems in the existing fingerprint key algorithm.

Meiyun Xia, Qinghua Liu

Truck Position Monitoring System Using the Photoelectric Signal Detection Method

The truck position cheating method can lead to large economic losses. Aimed at the truck cheating method, a new truck position monitoring system based on the photoelectric signal detection method is brought out. According to the falling edge number of the rectangle wave, whether the truck position cheat method exists or not can be determined. Based on the monitoring principle, the truck position monitoring system is designed. Experimental results show that the monitoring system can on-time detect the truck position cheating method.

Yanjun Zhao, Bin Xu, Bin Qu

Study on Computer Output Characteristic of CSI Based on Battery Material

Perfect out characteristic of current source inverter (CSI) can be obtained by simulation. It can output very large output current although actually the output current is limited by the battery materials of DC source and both Thevenin equivalent internal resistant et al. This makes testing result polemicist against simulations. Based on the distinct difference results between simulation and test, output characteristic of CSI is studied. A method to simulate the battery in actual output characteristic of CSI is proved. Simulation and test proved the rationality of the conclusion.

Lixia Zhang, Qingbo Kang, Changchun Liang

Optimization of Support Pretreatment for Rh/AC Catalyst

Activated carbon has been widely used as porous support in heterogeneous catalysis. The special pretreatment of carbon support could tune the physical-chemical properties and the catalytic performance of the supported catalyst. The high-temperature chemical pretreatment of carbon support could effectively enhance the activity of carbon supported rhodium catalyst for hydroformylation of mixed octenes. The optimal conditions of pretreatment were studied by the Taguchi method. The results showed that the optimized parameters were 1.0 weight ratio of KOH to carbon, 1063 K treated temperature, 9.0 pH of carbon surface, and 75 min treated time. Under these conditions, the yield of aldehydes for hydroformylation reached up to 50.5%.

ZhanHua Ma, Jun Li, XueNuan Liu, LanYi Sun

Recognition of Handwritten Chinese Character Based on Least Square Support Vector Machine

Recognition of handwritten Chinese charater has been applied to diversified fields in terms of industrial demands as well as in daily life, since transformation from handwritten charaters into computer-processible binary digits inevitably bring people convenience and joy. However such ubiquitous facility suffers drawbacks within current recognition schema, such as complex training process, low recognition accuracy and slow identification. In light of these dissatisfation, a novel recognition method is proposed to hadle Chinese characters, which is based on the least square support vector machine. This approach evades solving traditional QP problem in the stage of machine learning where the training is time consuming. It, however, works in a way that transforms the recognition constraints into a series of generalized inequitions. Test results show that the proposed method enjoys better recognition acccuracy compared with existent approaches.

Taiwu Xia, Bang Zhou

Effect of Modified Atmosphere Tent Combined with Modified Atmosphere Packaging on Cooking and Eating Quality of Storage Rice

The characteristics of starch, such as gelatinization temperature (GT), apparent amylose content (AC), gel consistency (GC) and other physicochemical properties, determine the quality of various products of rice, e.g., eating, cooking and processing qualities. In this work, we using the big paddy hermetic tent as the modified atmosphere tent storage rice. And the effect of modified atmosphere tent (MAT) combined with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) of 0.05mm PE (PE1) and 0.08mmPE (PE2) on cooking and eating quality were investigated. The results showed that the MAT&MAP of PE1 was the best treatment for milled rice eating and cooking quality fresh keeping. MAT & MAP was the distinctly energy conservation storage method for rice cooking and eating quality refreshing.

Lixiu Li, Xia Liu, Xihong Li

The Training of Agricultural Extension Workers of Heilongjiang Province

Heilongjiang grain production accounts for the grain production 1/10, to safeguard the country’s food security plays a very important role. Farmers’ income from agricultural science and technology and agricultural science and technology can be accepted by farmers so that they can not be separated into primary productivity of agricultural technicians. This paper analyzes the Heilongjiang agricultural technology status and problems of personnel training, training in agricultural technology through needs analysis, proposed to improve the environment, to enhance the sense of personnel; innovative mechanisms to give full play to the role of human resources; increase investment, effective protection of personnel and funds recommendations.

Hongyu Zhao, Xiaomei Zhang

The Comparison of Financing Efficiency between Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Research of Financing Channel Management

In the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, difficulty in financing is always the focus of discussion. In this thesis, on the base of the summary of factors influencing small and medium-sized enterprises’ financing efficiency, the evaluation model of financing efficiency is formed and corresponding suggestion for financing channel management is proposed on the base of empirical analysis.

Qin Zhang

Empirical Study for the Development of Producer Services and Upgrading of Manufacturing from the Perspective of Industrial Interaction

Based on the perspective of industry interaction, this study analyzes the interaction relationship between the development of producer services and manufacturing upgrading, and then makes an empirical study on it. Finally, countermeasures for interactive development of producer services and upgrading of manufacturing are put forward through the relevance and regression analysis for the development of producer services and upgrading of manufacturing in Ningbo.

MingHua Han

The Change Trend and Driving Factors of Beijing’s Total-Factor Energy Efficiency: An Empirical Study

Beijing has witnessed rapid increase in energy consumption and lower energy intensity, its energy consumption elasticity remains below one, so, how is the total-factor energy efficiency(TFEE) in Beijing? This paper takes input-oriented Data envelopment analysis(DEA) to evaluate Beijing’s TFEE from 1991 to 2009 as compared with China’s average level. Furthermore, we use Grey relational analysis(GRA) to explore the driving factors of Beijing’s TFEE. The result shows: (1) The TFEE in Beijing has been rising from 1991 to 2009. (2) The main driving factors of the improvement are the restructure of its local industries and technical advances.

Jingqi Sun, Hongze Li, Bao Wang, Sen Guo

Reliability Analysis on Slope Stability Based on Rainfall-Induced Damage

Rainfall infiltration is an important factor affecting slope stability. However, rainfall-induced damage of rockmass strength is not considered in slope stability analysis in most literatures at present. Therefore, from the point of view that variation of water content leads to damage of rockmass strength, a comprehensive method of damage mechanics and reliability theory is used to analyze slope stability under rainfall. Firstly, the variation features of water content and Young’s modulus under rainfall in an iron open-pit mine are studied, the relation between damage variable D and water content is built; Then, the damage model of rockmass strength parameters is made. Finally, the slope’s reliability is assessed under different rainfall duration. The results showed that reliability indexes based on rainfall-induced damage of rockmass strength are smaller than that when the damage of rockmass strength is ignored. Therefore, it is necessary to consider rainfall-induced damage in slope stability assessment. The study can provide theoretical evidence for slope stability evaluation and production safety in open pit mines.

Wenhui Tan, Danqing Gao, Congcong Li

NOx Emission Characteristics in a DesiNOx Gned Premixed Burner

Nitrogen oxides (NOx) formed in gas instantaneous water heater combustion systems is a significant pollutant source in the domestic environment. Advances in the science of reactions, mathematical modeling, and increased performance of computer systems have made comprehensive modeling of NOx formation and destruction a valuable tool to provide insights and understanding of the NOx reaction processes in combustion systems. In this approach, the chemical combustion reactions are described by nine species and six steps. The predicted NO level is less than 30 ppm when diameter of round fire holes (d) is 0.6 or 0.7mm, and excess air ratio (


) is 1.3. Our results indicates that the vortex produced between a bunch of the round fire holes and another bunch of the round fire holes results in thermal agglomeration and the elevated value of NO. The areas of vortex regions are decreased with the increase of heat load. The lower temperature is produced in the vortex regions. The reduction of NO concentration under higher heat load is attributed to the lower temperature.

FengGuo Liu, XueYi You, Qi Wang, Rui Zhang

Probabilistic Analysis of Gnedenko System with K-Vacations of a Repairman

This paper studies the Gnedenko system attended by a repairman with k-vacations. It is assumed that the life of the operating unit and the standby, and the vacation time of the repairman are all exponential distributions, while the repair time of the unit has a general continuous distribution. By using the supplementary variable method, we obtain the explicit expressions of the steady-state availability and the steady-state failure frequency of the system.

Jing Cao, Dequan Yue

Reliability Analysis of Gnedenko System with Multiple Vacations

This paper studies the Gnedenko system attended by a repairman with multiple vacations. It is assumed that the life of the operating unit, the standby and the rest operable units when the system is down and the vacation time of the repairman are all exponential distributions, while the repair time of the unit has a general continuous distribution. By using the supplementary variable method, we obtain the Laplace transformation of the reliability and the explicit expression of the mean time to first failure of the system.

Jing Cao

A Method for Calculating Heat Energy and Braking Moment of Automobile Electromagnetic Retarder with Skin Effect

The mechanical structure and working principle of automobile electromagnetic retarder is analyzed in this paper to study the impact of temperature rising and skin effect on the performance of electromagnetic retarder. Furthermore, a method of calculating the heat energy and braking moment of automobile electromagnetic retarder is given taking temperature rising and skin effect into consideration. This method helps providing theoretical basis for the optimal design of electromagnetic retarder as it demonstrates the interrelation among design parameters more accurately. The method is proved to be correct by comparing and analyzing the calculation result and test result of DHZ100 electromagnetic retarder.

WenHui Wang, Jiao Li

Research on the Fabrication of Integrative Insulator Rib for Field Emission Display Panel

With insulation slurry as fabrication material, the integrative insulator rib was developed on the cathode back plane. The integrarive insulator rib was mainly composed of two parts, which was the bottom insulator rib and the top insulator rib, respectively. The high effective screen-printing method was adopted to fabricate the integrative insulator rib. The top insulator rib would reside on the bottom insulator rib, and was arranged on the cathode back plane surface with the bottom insulator rib in orthogonal direction. The bottom insulator rib was parallel with the adjacent cathode indium tin oxide electrodes, but not contacted with them each other. The carbon nanotube was prepared on the cathode indium tin oxide electrodes surface to form the cold cathode with good field emission ability. The fabricated FED panel with integrative insulator rib possessed high image brightness and better field emission property.

Qiang Li, Yan Dong, Guangjie Tao, Jingjie Yan, Lifeng Han

Improvement of Information Rough Communication on Rough Set

The concept of information rough communication based on knowledge base is proposed by Mousavi Amin, Jabedar-Maralani Parviz. In this paper, its limitation is discussed. The concept of information rough communication based on information system is given, and solve the question about the limitation. The associated concepts and theorems are given.

QinLi An

Business Strategies Selection of Aviation Passenger Transportation Enterprises Based on High Speed Railway Competition

By analyzing competition as well as market occupation between aviation passenger and railway multiple units, a SWOT matrix is set up to present the aviation passenger market internal advantages and external environment, strategies of aviation passenger transportation enterprises can be found out.

Li Yang, Ling Zhou, Ling Jing

Discussion on the Routing Layout of Regional Comprehensive Transportation Corridors

To plan the routing layout of regional CTC (comprehensive transportation corridors) reasonably, firstly, transport nodes selection, calculation of nodes’ importance and the hierarchical policy are taken as the foundation. Then explore the routing preliminarily with the method of Minimum Spanning Trees and with an aim that the corridors cover important nodes and entrance nodes. Finally, the adjustment of regional CTC routing layout is perfected with various factors.

Jing-Yao Jiang, Ling Zhou, Ling Jing

Image Monitor System Based on Windows Mobile OS

It has been affected for a long time in Image Monitor system, as the transmission speed and the performance of mobile phone restricted. The paper provides an Image Monitor system based on Windows Mobile OS which can send the images shot by a USB camera from the server-side to the mobile phone of client-side and analyses the soft ware in both sides which can meet the requirements of the application in remote monitoring. As the outcome shows, the system has a good real-time performance and the images can be displayed distinctly on the mobile phone.

Xuehua Song, Qingqing Yang, Chaohui Wu, Liguo Wang, Kangmin Yin

Investigation of a Patch Antenna Based on I-Shaped Left-Handed Material

Left-handed Material (LHM) is an artificial material. It has negative permittivity and negative permeability simultaneously and has attracted great attention these years. LHM has a lot of abnormal characteristics different from these conventional natural materials. This paper investigates a patch antenna based on I-shaped left-handed material by using the method of Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD). The results show that there exists a wave resonance state at 2.96 GHz, where the real part of the permittivity and permeability are all negative; its refraction index is –1. The effect has largely enhanced the electromagnetic wave’s resonance intensity, and has improved the localized extent of electromagnetic energy obviously in such LHM structure, resulting in a higher antenna gain, a lower return loss, a wider bandwidth and a better improvement of the antenna’s characteristics. Due to these advantages, the application of patch antennas can be extended to the fields such as mobile communication, satellite communication, aviation, etc.

Xuehua Song, Liguo Wang, Kangmin Yin, Lilian Chen

Evaluation System for Carbon Finance Development in China

Aiming to build a carbon finance evaluation system, we choose indicators based on the analysis of influential factors of carbon finance, obtain index weight through fussy analytic hierarchy process, and take data from China for empirical study. After Comparison with the international general level and three representative developed countries, namely America, England and Japan, we consider it urgent for China to build a thorough carbon financial service system.

Yifang Li, Haishu Qiao

The Development of EPS Exterior Wall Thermal Insulation System and Discussion of Engineering Quality

China’s building energy efficiency an important topic in the cons-truction industry. Construction of the external supporting structure of the heat loss of a larger structure of the external retaining wall and up a large share. Therefore, the building wall insulation system reform and the development of the wall construction of energy-saving technologies is one of the most important aspect of this article the status of their development through the analysis of materials and construction from the proposed two EPS Exterior Insulation affect the quality of the project factors and improvement measures.

Hui Li

Analysis of the Factors Influence on Urban Economic Development Based on Interpretative Structural Model

In this paper, taking the urban economic development system as the research object, the urban economic development influence factors are analyzed and the layered structure diagram and transport chain of factors are constructed with the interpretative structure model (ISM). The results show that the factors influence on urban economic development are not only the well-know basic economic indicators, such as local financial revenue and consumer, but also some quality indicators of city life, such as education and environment.

Jiangyan Liu, Mengzhou Zhu

Oil Price Forecast Based on Integrated Forecasting Method during the 12th Five Years Development Strategies

With analysis of the factors influence on oil prices, using integrated forecasting method which combines growth rate method with multiple regression linear method, this paper forecasts the prices of crude oil and petroleum products. Considering the risk factors, use high, medium and low schemes to increase the prediction accuracy. It shows that chinese oil prices predicted will be obviously rise during the 12th five year development strategies. And crude oil price will rise slightly lower than product price.

Jiangyan Liu, Mengzhou Zhu

Experimental Researches of Factors Affecting Bubbling Humidification

It’s obtained by experiments that air is easily to be humidified to the saturated state by bubbling humidification on single stage sieve plate. The higher the humidifying temperature is, the more the humidification capacity is. If humidifying temperature increased by 10°C, the humidification capacity would be increased by about 80%. The lower the water level is, the less the air flowing resistance and the blower energy consumption are. Under the condition of no water leaking on sieve plate, the larger the sieve hole diameter is, the lower the pressure drop of air is, and the less the blower energy consumption is.

Lixi Zhang, Shiyuan Gao, Hefei Zhang

Strategic Research on the Implementation Structure about Mass Customization

This paper focuses on studying mass customization from the perspective of strategy instead of manufacturing and technology model. Whether to use mass customization and the ways of strategic planning and implementation are discussed completely. This paper also quotes SWOT as the synthetic evaluation tool. Finally, the strategic structure about mass customization is addressed as a key point.

Ping Liu, Jiuhe Wang, Yinbo Liu

Numerical Simulations and Comparisons of Air Bubbling Process through Single Hole

VOF and Eulerian model in the software of Fluent are separately used in two-dimensional simulation calculations for air bubbling in water by single hole. The simulation results are compared with experiment photos by high-speed camera, it’s obtained that gravity should be considered in using VOF model; at lower air speed, VOF model is more accurate to simulate the bubble formation, separation, upward motion and coalescence; the simulation results of Eulerian model have an obviously difference with the experimental ones at lower air speed, but it’s suitable to simulate bubbling process for air at higher speed.

Lixi Zhang, Fangchao Han, Shiyuan Gao

Literature Review of New Industry Development Research Based on Patent

This paper bases on the theory of industrial ecology, uses the method of social network analysis and bibliometrics, uses the statistical and visualization tools and get help from datas of patent databases and statistic yearbooks. This paper finds the evolution law between patent and new industry through the changes of patent quantity, quality and structure, in the hope of guiding the develop of related industries, especially strategic new industry.

Feifei Wu, Qian Zhou, Lucheng Huang

Combined Forecast for Wind Power Short-Term Load Based on Gray Neural Network Trained by Particle Swarm Optimization

The accurate wind power load forecasting has important significance for power production, power network safe operation and national economy. By comprehensively analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of various forecasting method, combining grey forecast and neural network training by particle swarm optimization, this paper establishes combined forecast model based on gray neural network trained by particle swarm optimization and applies it into short-term load forecasting of wind power. Empirical analysis shows that this method is science and practical.

DongXiao Niu, YaNan Wei, HuanHuan Qiao, Fang Fang

The Research Based on the Integration of Logistics of Industrial Clusters

Based on the current development of industrial cluster, this paper puts forward the concept of industrial cluster logistics, and further analysis the problems of cluster logistics development, aiming at these problems, this paper points out the feasibility to carry out the strategy of integrated logistics as the solution to the problems, and puts forward several modes of the industrial integrated logistics cluster operation, and based on this building structural systems of integrated logistics industry cluster.

Jiuhe Wang, Wei Zheng, Yuanze Wang

The Research on the Demand Model of After-Sales Service Supply Chain

The market competition has got into the era of winning service, the status and role of after-sales service supply chain are becoming increasingly apparent. In this paper, we introduce the definition of after-sales service supply chain and obtain its demand model through the analysis of occurrence mechanism, characteristics and the influence factors; we do hope to provide reference to other relevant research on after-sales service supply chain.

Jiuhe Wang, Ping Liu, Ying Zhang

Brief Introduction of Calorimetry

Calorimetry is an important method of biological analysis. Calorimetry is widely used in chemical reaction and the measuring method of biochemical reactions. The main advantage of calorimetry is that it needn’t sophisticated equipment, and it can measure tiny energy changes. As a kind of measurement methods, calorimetry can be widely used in life science, clinical medicine, pharmacology, biotechnology, ecology, environmental science and many other areas. This page briefly introduces the measuring principle of calorimetry, and the method of calorimetry. At last, this page prospects the quantity method and the development direction of calorimetry.

Zhengming Tong, Jialei Lu, Kai Zhu, Gen Li

A Study of the Website Performance of Xiamen Star Grade Hotels Based on the EMICA Model

Interactivity is the most dominant character which distinguishes the on-line marketing from the traditional marketing. It’s a very important factor to determine the validity of the hotels’ on-line marketing. This paper uses the extended Model of Internet Commerce Adoption (EMICA) to evaluate the website performance of star grade hotels in Xiamen. The model highlights the utility of using interactivity to measure the relative maturity of hotel websites. The results showed that star grade hotels in Xiamen were not utilizing the Internet to its full potential. Suggestions and recommendations are also provided based on the findings of this research.

GuangXi Wu, YongFeng Wu

Conceptual Design of a Service Level Agreement Management System

Due to customer demand, market competition and technological development of multiple background, SLA (Service Level Agreement) is playing more and more important roles in telecommunications industry. In this paper, we give an overall system implementation method, architecture, technology roadmap and outline design of each module to guide the detailed design and development. This work can be used by the implementation of SLA system and referred by related researched in service management domain.

Puyu Yuan, Wuliang Peng

Study on Business Process Management of Telecom

A business process management based dynamic enterprise application integration (EAI) facilitates application reusability and flexible business process re-engineering. It supported dynamic interoperation between heterogeneous workflow systems. In this paper, we introduce the function and application of the business process management in telecoms. We introduce the current status of studies, and present the core function of business process management. Finally, a case example is used to illustrate the implementation process of business process management in telecoms.

Puyu Yuan, Wuliang Peng

The Research of Construction Ontology-Based Material Management System in e-Commerce

Ontologies are formal, explicit specifications of shared conceptual-lizations of a given domain of discourse. The goal of materials management is to provide an unbroken chain of components for production to manufacture goods on time for the customer base. This paper attempts to propose a framework to improve and upgrade the effectiveness of E-C materials management by ontology construction algorithms. Our approach consists of a methodology that aids actors in understanding information generated from multiple construction participants. This paper presents using ontology to build materials management system in e-commerce. The experimental results have shown our suggested materials management system will increase precision and performance.

Yan Wang, Juan Zhang

The Development of the Material Management System Based on Ontology and Fuzzy Cognitive Map

Fuzzy cognitive map is a knowledge-based methodology suitable to model complex systems and handle information from an abstract point of view. Materials management is an important element in project planning and control. As the foundation of the semantic web, ontology is a formal, explicit specification of a shared conceptual model. The main contribution of this paper is presenting applying fuzzy cognitive maps theory and ontology to construct materials management system. The experiment shows the CPU Time in the attribute numbers, indicating that ontology is superior to fuzzy cognitive map in building materials management system.

Guo Li, QiHua Peng

Optimize the Length of Temporary House in Post-disaster Transitional Settlement after Wenchuan Earthquake in China

Basing on the house layout of Happy Homeland, a typical transitional settlement with high building density after Wenchuan earthquake, the relation between the length of prefab house and air flow field was studied by using CFD. The CFD simulation result showed that when the length direction of house paralleled the summer prevailing wind direction, the longest house of 12 standard rooms would realize a best summer outdoor wind field to improve the thermal environment of settlement, and the high outdoor wind velocity would be avoided in winter as well. Additionally, although the summer indoor natural would be worst, it would be easily remedied by a household fan.

Luhong Huang, Enshen Long, Xiang Zhao, Bo Zhou

Gallopin System in a Polluted Environment

This paper concentrates on studying the long time behavior of a consumer in Gallopin resource-consumer system, located in a polluted environment. Sufficient criteria for weak persistence or extinction of the consumer are obtained.

Chunping Ma, Jiwei He

Forecast Study of Temperature of Shanghai Base on Energy Consuming Analysis

Based on the statistical data from National Bureau of Statistical of China, this paper shows the correlationship between the energy consumption of the provinces and temperature of corresponding capitals. After that Shanghai is researched as an example, and an forecast of Shanghai’s temperature after 20 years is draw out on condition that the energy consumption of this city keeps the same increasing rate as the average value of the last 6 years up to 2008. And then it is shown that industry and traffic make up the main part of Shanghai’s energy consumption. Thus, it is educed as a conclusion that the future achievement on the recycle of industrial residual heat and energy and on the control of traffic energy consumption will be the effective approach to slow the total energy use increment and thus slow the temperature ascent.

Qiang Niu, Feng Lin, Chaoqun Nie, Ling Li

Blockboard Defect Detection Based on Wavelet Transform and Mathematical Morphology

In order to implement automatic detection of blockboard, X-ray nondestructive detecting system is used to obtain blockboard X-ray images. An image processing method based on multi-scale wavelets decomposition and mathematical morphology is proposed in this paper. The method uses wavelet transform to suppress the interference information. Then edge detection method based on mathematical morphology of multi-structure elements is constructed by weighting method of morphological operation. The results show that the method performs well in noise-suppression and edge detection. This method is very effective to detect the defects of blockboard.

Nianxue Yang, Dawei Qi

Study on the Optimization of Courses Systems Based on Innovative Personnel Training Mode

According to the university’s features of running school, the requirement of cultivating innovation talents and the current teaching situation of universities, this thesis probes the assumption of putting stratified teaching model and teaching reform into practice in some majors and the adjustment of train of thought on course design, points out the relative reform of training model of students, and further proposes the suggestions and solutions about how to manage student affairs, which will promote universities’ teaching reform and development during the 12th Five-Year plan, improve the teaching qualities and the abilities of managing student affairs, and also have great significance to the development of students’ personalities.

Bo Pang, Xiaoxia Lü, Jü Huang, Fujiang Liu, Wenyou Fan, Haijun Huang, Dehua Xu, Yanbin Wu

The Study in Characteristics of SMB and HML’s Non-system Risk Factors in the Fama and French Three-Factor Model

This article thinks that SMB and HML of the Fama & French Three-factor Model are non-systematic risk factors in the micro level. And in this paper, fixed DVI was adopted to calculate the fixed portfolio price index, form the Fama & French Three-factor Model and test the statistical significance of SMB and HML from different portfolios. Come to conclusions that SMB and HML are significant non-systematic risk factors only in part of portfolios and so on.

Xiaoguang Lu, Tingyu Zheng, Qingchun Lu

Efficiency Analysis of the Government Supervising Firms Pollution Control

Pollution control, as a public good, tends to “free riding” behavior in the course of its private supply and is not easy to achieve the optimal level of social needs. So the regulation of government to pollution control is necessary. In practice, the efficiency of pollution control is low. In this paper, we explore the factors that cause the low efficiency. An incomplete information dynamic game and a complete information static game for government supervising firms’ pollution control are constructed. In the model, some factors such as the efficiency of supervision, the strength of punishment and the publication of information are involved in. The conclusions would have some theory references for environmental management.

Yan Wang, Fenghui Ji

Construction of Riemann-Theta Function Solutions for Benjamin-Ono Equation Based on Symbolic Computation

In this paper, Benjamin-Ono equation, one of the most important equations in mathematical physics, is studied. With the aid of symbolic computation system Mathematica, theta function solutions for Benjamin-Ono equation are constructed by the auxiliary equation method.

Lei Yan, Ruijuan Li

Fuzzy PI Control Based on the Instantaneous Power Balance for the DSTATCOM

Distribution Static Synchronous Compensator (DSTATCOM) to the public through the connection point into the reactive power can adjust the voltage of public access point, so as to meet the voltage quality. First of all papers DSTATCOM system in accordance with the instantaneous power balance theory derived DSTATCOM voltage used to control the direct voltage control strategy. In the control strategy without current detection circuit with traditional cascade control, compared with the control is simple, the advantages of fast response. And voltage control strategy for the direct control of the controller by the system parameters impact the performance of larger defects, a direct voltage DSTATCOM fuzzy PI control strategy, so that the instantaneous power balance in accordance with the direct voltage control has better control performance.

Guang-Yao Zhu, Deng-Xiang Yang, Qun-Feng Zhu

An Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Chaos

A method of encryption is presented based on Logistic mapping image encryption method by using chaos theory. At first, the chaotic sequences are generated by Logistic chaotic map. Then, make the preliminary encryption combining with the original grayscale shift position disorderly. At last, make the simulation and analysis of experiment. The results show that the algorithm has large key space, quick speed and is easy to realize.

Yong-Xian Jin, Yi-Sheng Guan, Lin Zheng

Application and Study on Heat Transfer Model for Continuous 82B Billet Casting

The centerline segregation in the 82B steel billet reduces seriously the final product quality; it is closely related to the unreasonable secondary cooling water system. This paper has established a two-dimensional non-steady-state heat transfer model for the continuous 82B billet casting process, and optimized the existing secondary cooling water scheme, The results show that: the strand surface temperature falling rate is lower than the center temperature falling rate in the original cooling water scheme; it is necessary to add an additional cooling subzone after the fourth subzone for decreasing centerline segregation; the optimal cooling water scheme is that cooling intensity of the fifth subzone is increased by 150% compared with the original fourth subzone.

Changgui Cheng, Wencheng Wan, Zhongtian Liu, Zhengsong Li, Fulong Wei

The Study of Slow-Release Trace Co2 +  Ceramsite on the Influence of Wastewater Anaerobic Treatment

Use fly ash, cement, lime, gypsum as main raw material, CaCl2, Na2SO4 and NaCl as complex additive, use steam curing method, in the process of preparation of ceramsite, add vermiculite with Co2+, then obtain ceramsite which can release Co2+ slowly. Experimental results show that the releasing content of Co2+ increases with the ruse of the temperature, from the fourth day, all can reach a certain balance concentration. Through contrast test with the control group, add Co2+ group and slow-release Co2+ ceramsite group in the microbial reactor can obtain: removal rate of add modification ceramsite is the peak, can reach up to 90.32%, 30.06% higher than control group, 14.48% higher than add Co2+ group.Slow-release ceramsite can significantly increase the activity of activated sludge, comparing with other ceramsite and add trace metal element directly, which has more superior process performance.

Huidong Su, Dan Fu

An Identity Intelligent Recognition System

The anti-theft technology has been a topic of interest to businesses and users. How to design an effective anti-theft identification system is the most important technology. This paper studied a biometric-based smart card technology, which can solve their problems effectively. Our system applied two-factor (smart card and biometric technology) authentication to replace the original single-factor authentication solution. As a result, that significantly lowered the risk of identity theft.

Zhang Jianshu, Zhang Xiuju

The Empirical Study on the Contribution Rate of China’s R&D Expenditures to GDP Growth

More and more people concern about the R&D on the importance of national economic development. Based on econometric analysis method, this paper establishes the correlation analysis model of contribution rate of China’s R&D expenditures to GDP Growth. From three aspects, that is, the sub-annual data regions, sub-regional historical data and general data analysis R&D expenditures, this paper analyses the correlation between R&D expenditures and GDP. By positive analysis, we obtain the following conclusions: China R&D expenses between 1999-2008 were significantly associated with GDP and R&D contribution to the GDP growth rate showed a small range of fluctuation and stabilized. And there is striking difference on the contribution rate of GDP growth between China’s 31 provinces (municipalities). Finally, this paper puts forward some corresponding suggestions.

Quangang Wang, Chuanhao Fan

SHE-PWM Control Technique in Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems Based on Walsh Transformation

In this paper, a new switching angle control methodology for inverters is developed to minish switching times to improve power efficiency. Based on Walsh transformation, it proposes a selective harmonic elimination-pulse width modulation (SHE-PWM) approach. The switching angles is obtained quickly, thus, for grid-connected photovoltaic system, realized is the online closed-loop control, obtaining unity power factor, improving system stability and effectively decreasing harmonic distortion. The simulation and experiment results validate the effectiveness of the control algorithm.

Mi Dong, Jian Yang

Research on Inter-cultural Strategic Management in Multinational Corporations

Multinational operation provides great opportunities for enterprises with the further expanding of economic globalization. Both effective analysis on intercultural advantage and successfully application in multinational corporation and management are the motivation and the premise, with which multinational companies can successfully capture the international market, and then further develop and strengthen. In this paper, the connotation of inter-cultural strategic management of corporations will be briefly introduced. Furthermore, the essential causes of cultural distinctions in multinational management are also analyzed. At last, issues such as how to manage the multinational corporations via inter-cultural instruments will be in-depth discussed.

Yusi Teng, Weili Xia

Creation of Different Groundwater Conditions and Acclimation of Chlorinated Carbons Degradation Microorganisms

Acclimation of chlorinated carbons degradation microorganism and creation of different groundwater conditions were studied in the paper. The results show that with simulated groundwater and appropriate electron acceptors chosen, groundwater conditions desired can be created. Microorganism quantity and activity have been enhanced after 5 acclimation cycles. However, more than 90% of PCE removal efficiency was due to volatilization instead of biodegradation. Some TCE detected show that chlorinated carbons degradation microorganism was accumulated.

Ye Li, Tao Pan, Jianmin Li, Fei Liu

Research on Delicacy of Wind Power Industry Finance Policy

According to Wind power industry manufacture information, some measures are put forward based on the government funded the preferential tax policy, investment and financing system, renewable energy security system, the full purchase price, the compensation mechanism for reimbursement way, trade certificates policy, green renewable energy development fund, the enthusiasm of the local government, the import tariff policy, policy in wind power technology research and development and service link, policy in wind power equipment manufacturing,


The wind power industry, finance policy, delicacy.

Xuepeng Liu, Dongmei Zhao

Research on Delicacy of Wind Power Industry Manufacturer Information

According to Wind power industry manufacture information, some measures are put forward based on examination authentication system, professional training, wind power unit test center, wind resources evaluation data, power quality index requirements, wind power planning project to the environment assessment, the series and classification, standardization, technology platform, power generation mode, quality supervision system construction

Xuepeng Liu, Dongmei Zhao

Research on Delicacy of Wind Power Industry Technology Innovation

According to Wind power industry in technology innovation, some measures are put forward based on the spare part supporting ability, service system, the wind power grid connected technology, leaf, reliability design, installation equipment, wind power intelligent technology, intelligent transport technology, wind generator team technologies.

Xuepeng Liu, Dongmei Zhao

A Study of Mode on Influencing Quality Elements in NC Processing

The paper analyzes error sources of the NC machine tool in the process. Errors of CNC machine control system were molded, analyzed, and determined in various parameters in the mode. In order to improve the control process and it proposes the use of neural network method. The causes of errors are analyzed, its error mode is set up, and the ways to decrease error are put forward. The last part of this paper analyses the error of the programming process and workpieces in the assembly process, and improving methods.

Yuzhong Li

Comparison of PBL and the Traditional Teaching Method in the Teaching of Economics

PBL is a popular method in most developed countries which spreads students’ mind and horizon. Although PBL has been widely used in disciplines such as medicine and biology, etc, teachers have not attached much importance to this method in economics teaching in China. In this paper, we made an attempt to apply PBL in economics teaching, and contract the teaching effect of PBL with the teaching effect of the traditional lecture-based teaching method. The difference is significant. Better learning effects are achieved by those students who have experienced PBL. Specifically, students who have experienced PBL have shown higher learning enthusiasm and analyzing ability. What’s more, their writing skills and presentation skills are also well cultivated. About the knowledge acquisition, PBL does not show advantage. Some proposals are put forward to further promote the teaching effect of PBL.

Lan Tan

Effects of Phosphate on the Growth of Alexandrium Tamarense at Different Initial Nitrate Concentrations in Laboratory Cultures

The objective of this study is to reveal the effects of phosphate on the growth characteristics of Alexandrium tamarense at three different fixed initial nitrate concentrations [14.29 (low-N), 25.00 (medium-N) and 35.71


mol/L (high-N)] in laboratory cultures. Experiments were carried out in three independent batch cultures respectively. The cell density and the specific growth rate were assessed as response parameters. The results show that both the cell density and the specific growth rate of A. tamarense increase with the increase of phosphate concentration in low-N-grown cultures, followed by those in medium-N-grown and high-N-grown cultures. And the highest average cell density in low-N-grown, medium-N-grown, and high-N-grown cultures was 1931×104, 4098×104 and 5871×104 cells/L, respectively. The specific growth rate was 3.73, 7.17 and 8.96 d-1, respectively. The results suggested that blooms of A. tamarense are more likely to form in the high nitrate and phosphate concentration than in the low nitrate and phosphate concentration in the natural marine environment.

Shiyong Wen, Lili Song, Hua Long, Dongzhi Zhao

Legal System of Power Frequency Electromagnetic Field in Power Transmission Projects

With the planning and construction of long-distance and ultra high voltage transmission project, the impacts on environment and human health result from frequency electromagnetic fields, have received more and more attention. In this paper the present laws and regulations about frequency electromagnetic fields in China are summarized, then the deficiency and defects, such as legislative gaps, lower level of legislation, lack of national standards and weak operability of the present laws and regulations are pointed out. Therefore, suggestions on improving laws and regulations about frequency electromagnetic fields are given, including building special legislation, the perfection of national standards, enrichment of law content, enhancement of the operability. Moreover, the system of public participation should be built to eliminate public concerns.

XiaJiao Wang, Meng Wang, Zhuang Li, Yu Li

Investigation on Index System for Major Pollutants Emission Reduction in Structure, Engineering and Supervision

Combining the achievement for the major pollutants emission reduction during the 11th Five-Year Plan period with the reduction demands in the 12th Five-Year Plan, an index system for major pollutants emission reduction was established based on the three primary reduction measures of structure emission reduction, engineering emission reduction, supervision emission reduction. The establishment of the index system could help to assess the emission reduction effect for the major pollutants in China, and provided a basis to the further research of the pollutants total amount control.

Zhuang Li, Yan Hu, Juan Li, Yu Li

A Review on Ecological and Environment Impact Assessment of Municipal Power Transmission and Transformation System

The paper studied the electromagnetic field engendered by the municipal power transmission and transformation system as also the electromagnetic radiation effects and the influence on environment and organism, an attempt has been made to understand and review the various emerging issues related to it. Based on the comprehension and discussion, shortcomings in related field as also suggestions are proposed.

Mei Cai, Zhao Sun, XiaoLi Li, Yu Li

Land Treatment and Resource Utilization for Food Processing Wastewater

Land treatment and resource utilization for food processing wastewater was studied in this paper. The results show that under scientific design and standardized management, food processing wastewater could be used in agricultural irrigation safely and reliably with a certain pre-treatment process, which has no adverse impact on the quality and the environment of crops. Besides, water resource and nutrients could be used effectively, processing and operating costs could be reduced significantly, which is consistent with guiding principle of recycling economy development and resource-saving society construction in China, and has broad market prospects.

Yipeng Du, Jianmin Li, Haixia Fu, Zhiying Dong

Preliminary Discussion on Health Effects on Human and Exposure Limits of Power Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields

This paper summarized the electric and magnetic fields of extremely low frequency (ELF-EMF) exposure limits in some countries or international organizations and contrast that with ICNIRP guidelines, with considering our electromagnetic environment and the conclusion of human health risk assessment by World Health Organization(WHO), analysis a number of different viewpoints, it shows that there is not a significant environmental impact on residential of ELF-EMF and the necessary for correctly understand the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) guidelines.

QiaoZou, Meng Wang, Zhao Sun, Yu Li

Controlling Indices for Low-Carbon City Based on Emission Reduction in Structure, Technology and Supervision

On the basis of traditional assessment indices and combining practical indices summarized from the practical experience of LCC development home and abroad, a controlling index system was build comprising three aspects such as structure emission reduction, technology emission reduction and supervision emission reduction. The indices selected in this paper are of high practical application and operation, and could provide a basis for controlling approach of reducing GHG and saving energies.

YingYing Fan, Yao Ji, HongYu Wang, DuFeng Li, Yu Li

Analysis on the Effectiveness of Public Participation for EIA in the Power Transmission and Transformation Project

The current of public participation for environmental impact assessment in the power transmission and transformation project was investigated to find out problems existing in the public participation. Suggestions are put forward such as formulating laws or regulations, improving the transparency of information and increasing the effectiveness for public participation. Efficiency management model of public participation in EIA was applied in the power transmission and transformation project. The main body, time, ways and effects of the public participation for EIA in the power transmission and transformation were analysis.

XiaoLi Li, YunXia Liu, XiaJiao Wang, Yu Li

Linking Perceived Value, Customer Satisfaction, and Purchase Intention in E-Commerce Settings

With the expanding of information technology, e-commerce is becoming more and more important for enterprises to obtain competitive advantage. This paper sheds light on the consumer behavior of online shopping and specifically investigates the relationships between perceived value, customer satisfaction, and purchase intention in e-commerce. By using survey data from college students, we apply the structural equation modeling technique to analyze the relationships among the variables. The findings indicate that perceived value significantly influences customer satisfaction. Additionally, perceived value, and customer satisfaction are significant predictors of customer purchase intention. Meanwhile, the findings also provide evidence that customer satisfaction plays a partial mediating role in the relationship between perceived value and purchase intention. Finally, this paper discusses the implications and highlights some future research directions.

Yangcheng Hu

Empirical Analysis of Chinese Construction of Environment Friendly Society

While Chinese rapid economic development, the environmental problem become apparent. It is inevitable choice of building environment-friendly society. Using the status indicators, Apressure indicators and response indicators, we establish the evaluation system of environment-friendly society which suit the situation of China. Through the method of principal components, it evaluate current situation and future trends of economic development based on the evaluation system. Finally, it try to provide a reliable policies to protect the resources and build the environment-friendly society.

Hui Peng

Construction of Liaoning Green Consumption Pattern to Develop Low-Carbon Economy

Green consumption in real terms fully consistent with the concept of low-carbon economy. It is the concrete form of low-carbon economy in the area of consumer and low-carbon economy development of inner motivation. Developing green consumption pattern in Liaoning province is divided into three levels: governments, businesses and residents. Building green consumption is not only necessary, but also beneficial.

Hui Peng

Information Integration of Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) Based on Internet of Things

Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) is a series of activities and the process. This research aims to looks at the literature of information integration of CPFR and the Internet of Things, and then analyzes the information flow model of CPFR. The paper focuses on the information integration of CPFR based on the environment of Internet of Things.

Xiaohui Liu

The Quest into Salary Indexation under the Salary-Point Salary System in Chinese Enterprises

The development of economy is often accompanied by inflation, causing depreciation of employees’ salary. Therefore, increasing employees’ salary along with inflation to have their employees motivated and establishing a pay system to guarantee the real value of employees’ salary are the urgent problems for the Chinese enterprises to address. The author searched into the question with his long-term business management experience and teaching experience in compensation management in university, hoping to make contribution to the optimization of Salary System Design for Chinese enterprises.

Jianlin Qiu

Gender Stereotype in Foreign Media Advertisement: Performance Feature, Function and Mechanism

Gender stereotype in media advertisement is a type of gender stereotype, which presents in media advertisiement. Nowdays, foreign researchers paid attention to the performance feature, function as well as mechanism of gender stereotype, and made abundant achievements. However, there is still some weakness existing in those studies. Therefore, it is imperative for researchers to reform it’s research methods, focus on cross-cultural studies, expand the content of studies and strengthen home resaerches. so as to add lots of understanding on gender stereotypes in media advertising for Chinese people.

Ben-Xian Yao, Xiao Zhou

Research of Architecture and Digitization of Emergency Plans for Emergency Incident

For decreasing losing degree of emergency incident, many organizations and governments have established corresponding emergency plans. However, there is no uniform criterion from format to content aspect, and it is not favorable for establishing, updating and maintaining, and inquiring emergency plans. So, many problems appeared in the executing process of plans. Aiming at these problems, a standard architecture of emergency plans is advanced. Then, basic composing factors and management method and establishing flow of emergency plans are analyzed in details. Finally, the necessity of digital plans is analyzed, and the function module of digital plans is confirmed.

Guoqing Wang, Fengyan Sun

Design of Waveform Generator Based on GPIB Interface

Firstly, the GPIB technology is introduced in this paper, and then the method of hardware and software designing is discussed in detail. The GPIB interface function is realized by using upD7210. With the specific program, the DDS chip AD9962 is controlled by ARM processor of 32-bit to implement the waveform generation. The waveform generator has been used to build automation test system based on GPIB interface, and the experiments show that the waveform generator has the advantages of high speed, low cost, and excellent dynamic performance.

JunHao Niu, Cong Hu, XianHua Yin, JingYu Zhang

Migration Law of Heavy Metals in Coal Gangue - Soil System in Mining Reclamation Area

The abstract should summarize the contents of the paper and should contain at least 70 and at most 150 words. It should be set in 9-point font size and should be inset 1.0 cm from the right and left margins. There should be two blank (10-point) lines before and after the abstract. This document is in the required format.

Jinxiang Yang, Mingxu Zhang, Xiaolong Li, Liangmin Gao

Research on Effect of Woody Plants Remediation Heavy Metal

In this paper, taking a certain mining reclamation area as research object, 12 kinds of woody plants growing well were screened to study effect of Woody Plants Remediation Heavy Metal. The results showed that: removal effects of heavy metals Cu, Cr and Ni by szechwan juniper and poplar were better; removal effects of Zn by prunus persica, osmnthus fragrans and sophora japonica were better; removal effect of Hg by magnolia grandiflora and sophora japonica was better; removal effects of Cd and Cu by cedrus deodara were better.

Jinxiang Yang, Duoxi Yao, Xiaolong Li, Zhiguo Zhang

Evaluation on Watery of "4th Aquifer" in Suntuan Coal Mine

With the use of drilling data of the working surface, we identified the characteristics of lithology, mineral composition and thickness distribution of fourth aquifer (the "4th aquifer") of loose layer bottom in 7


11 working surface of Suntuan coal mine. Based on "Prevention and control of water regulation. Coal mine" and the pumping test analysis, the 7


11 working surface "4th aquifer" belongs to weak watery. we can prove and correctly evaluate the watery of loose layer bottom of "4th aquifer" in the working surface, which has an important practical significance on reasonable safe mining coal rock pillar type and increasing the recovery rate of coal resources, fully developing and utilizing coal resources. And it provides a reliable basis for mine to achieve a sustained normal safety production.

XiaoLong Li, DuoXi Yao, JinXiang Yang

Research on Remanufacturing Reverse Logistics Network Optimization under Uncertain Recycling Number

Considering different number of recycling product in the reverse logistics remanufacturing process, by using interval described the uncertain recycling number, a multi-objective remanufacturing reverse logistics LRP integer programming model is established, which based on the two-stage decomposition algorithm of operational research. The design of numerical example results verify the effectiveness of the model and method.

Haifeng Guo, Wenli Dai

Application of MMAX2 Tool in Chinese-English Parallel Corpus Building

Corpora of different categories and sizes have been widely explored in linguistic research. As one major type, parallel corpus has been applied particularly to the field of cross-lingual studies, such as translation, contrastive analysis and cross-cultural communication. The building methods of a parallel corpus vary according to different purposes and other relevant factors. In this paper, we introduced a parallel corpus building method by employing MMAX2 tool, which could realize linking-up and annotation at the same time through human labor. We have built a one-to-three Chinese-English parallel corpus with this tool and some lessons have been learned and are wished to be shared.

Chaopeng Liu

Soil Environmental Quality Analysis and Evaluation of Coal Mine Reclamation Area

In the course of mining, the problem of heavy metal pollution in the regional soil caused by gangue dump and fill has become increasingly serious. Therefore, we must analyse and evaluate the soil environment in mine reclamation area and take proper ways to gain the greatest environmental and economic benefits according to their characteristics.

XiaoLong Li, DuoXi Yao, JinXiang Yang

The Driver Design of PXI-Based Array Signal Source

In order to facilitate the operation of the source array and compose the automatic testing systems, PXI-based driver design is introduced. After studying overall design and PXI-6805, designing communication interfaces and defining communication protocols, the control of array signal source and waveform output was implemented by manipulating PXI-6508 module with VISA and DAQmx. Experiments show that the driver achieves the desired results.

Cong Hu, Xiujun Liu, Peng Chen

Automatic Testing Systems for Filter Amplitude-Frequency Characteristics Based on LabVIEW

In order to test filter performance rapidly, using VXI module based on LabVIEW platform to implement automatic testing for filter amplitude-frequency characteristics is introduced. Firstly, VISA driver is called by LabVIEW, and function generator module outputs different signals as filter input; Then to measure the output of multimeter module and transfer it to PC for data processing and display. It is improved that the system achieves filter performance test, with operating conveniently and good human-machine interface.

Cong Hu, Junhao Niu, Haitao Su

Research on Causes and Countermeasures of Internet Information Alienation

21st century is the age of quick development of science and technology, also is the information age. People in creating and using internet while also been enslaved by the network, internet information alienation phenomenon occurred. This article based on the concept of internet information alienation, analyze the performance of internet information alienation, explore the causes internet information alienation, so as to find appropriate countermeasures.

Liyan Yang

A Research on Green Communication from the Perspective of Low-Carbon Economy

Global warming is becoming increasingly an important issue that concerns the economies and development of every country nowadays. Low-carbon economy draws the attention from the globe after the United Nations Summit on the Climate Change. Being an essential part of national economy, the communication industry comes up with the concept of eco-communication in order to adapt to the new trend and solve its own problems.

Yanli Yang

The State-Owned Forest Enterprise Reform Trend of the Discussion

On the basis of present situation analysis of state-owned forestry enterprise reform, the paper discussed development tendency of state-owned forestry enterprise reform, and emphasized that state-owned forestry enterprise reform had to emancipate the mind, renew the ideas; deepen property right system reform; established perfect legal person government structure and perfect organization system; established science management systems and management mechanism; carry on the advance in technology, and pay attention to the function of science and technology innovation.

Yuefen Wang, Hong Meng


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