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Advances in Global Change Research

Advances in Global Change Research
56 Jahrgänge | 1999 - 2020


This book series has been accepted for inclusion in SCOPUS.

Advances in Global Change Research
Aims and Scopes
This book series is aimed at addressing a range of environmental issues through state-of-the-art and/or interdisciplinary approaches. The books in the series can either be monographs or edited volumes based, for example, on the outcomes of conferences and workshops, or by invitation of experts. The topics that the series can consider publishing include, but are not limited to:
Physical and biological elements of earth system science, in particular- Climate change- Biodiversity- Sea-level rise- Paleo-climates and paleo-environments
Social aspects of global change- Environmentally-triggered migrations- Environmental change and health- Food security and water availability- Access to essential resources in a changing world
Economic and policy aspects of global change- Economic impacts- Cost-benefit analyses- Environmental governance- Energy transition
Methodologies for addressing environmental issues- Planetary data analysis- Earth observations from space- Proxy data analyses- Numerical modeling- Statistical analyses
Solutions to global environmental problems- Sustainability- Ecosystem services- Climate services- Technological/engineering solutions
Books in the series should be at least 200 pages in length, and include a table of contents.Images supplied in colour will be reproduced in both the print and electronic versions of the book at no cost to the author/editor.Manuscripts should be provided as a Word document and will be professionally typeset at no cost to the authors/editors.All contributions to an edited volume should undergo standard peer review to ensure high scientific quality, while monographs should also be reviewed by at least two experts in the field.Manuscripts that have undergone successful review should then be prepared according to the Publisher’s guidelines manuscripts:

Alle Bücher der Reihe Advances in Global Change Research

2020 | Buch

Himalaya on the Threshold of Change

This book provides a unique and comprehensive assessment of the changes that have been taking place in the Himalayas. It describes in detail all the aspects of change, both natural and cultural, along with their implications, and suggests policy …

2019 | Buch

Forests of Southeast Europe Under a Changing Climate

Conservation of Genetic Resources

This book integrates the different prospective, scientific and practical experience of researchers as well as beneficiaries and stakeholders in the field of forest conservation in Southeast Europe. The book stresses the importance of improving the …

2019 | Buch

Water and Power

Environmental Governance and Strategies for Sustainability in the Lower Mekong Basin

This book brings together a talented international group of scholars, policy practitioners, and NGO professionals that explores a range of issues relating to environmental, developmental, and governing challenges on the Mekong, one of the world’s …

2018 | Buch

Climate Change and Rocky Mountain Ecosystems

This book is the result of a team of approximately 100 scientists and resource managers who worked together for two years to understand the effects of climatic variability and change on water resources, fisheries, forest vegetation, non-forest …

2017 | Open Access | Buch Open Access

High Mountain Conservation in a Changing World

This book provides case studies and general views of the main processes involved in the ecosystem shifts occurring in the high mountains and analyses the implications for nature conservation. Case studies from the Pyrenees are preponderant, with a …

2016 | Buch

Environmental Migration and Social Inequality

This book presents contributions from leading international scholars on how environmental migration is both a cause and an outcome of social and economic inequality. It describes recent theoretical, methodological, empirical, and legal developme

2015 | Buch

Micro-Behavioral Economics of Global Warming

Modeling Adaptation Strategies in Agricultural and Natural Resource Enterprises

This book presents a foundation for studying the micro-behavioral economics of global warming. The author develops an empirical model, named the Geographically-scaled Micro econometric model of Adapting Portfolios (G-MAP) in response to climatic c

2015 | Buch

Climatic Changes Since 1700

The proposed book is not only a tribute to the work of Brückner (and indeed also a personal tribute, since Brückner wrote his book at the Institute of Geography of the University of Bern), but references to Brückner’s book are also a conceptual tool

2015 | Buch

Broad Scale Coastal Simulation

New Techniques to Understand and Manage Shorelines in the Third Millennium

Coastal zones exemplify the environmental pressures we face: their beauty attracts settlement, they offer potential for diverse economic activities, and they are sensitive natural habitats for important species, as well as providing a range of ecosys

2014 | Buch

Climate in Asia and the Pacific

Security, Society and Sustainability

Commissioned by the Intergovernmental Meeting (IGM) of the Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN), this book offers a detailed survey of the current status of climate change and climate variability in the Asia-Pacific region, a thoroug

2014 | Buch

Climate Change and United States Forests

This volume offers a scientific assessment of the effects of climatic variability and change on forest resources in the United States. Derived from a report that provides technical input to the 2013 U.S. Global Change Research Program National Climat

2014 | Open Access | Buch Open Access

Managing Protected Areas in Central and Eastern Europe Under Climate Change

Beginning with an overview of data and concepts developed in the EU-project HABIT-CHANGE, this book addresses the need for sharing knowledge and experience in the field of biodiversity conservation and climate change. There is an urgent need to build

2013 | Buch

Dating Torrential Processes on Fans and Cones

Methods and Their Application for Hazard and Risk Assessment

This book provides a detailed overview on methods used for the dating of past torrential activity on fans and cones and fosters the discussion on the impact of past and potential future climate change on torrential processes. The book has a clear foc

2013 | Buch

Regional Assessment of Climate Change in the Mediterranean

Volume 3: Case Studies

This is the third volume of a three-volume final report, which thoroughly describes, synthesizes and analyzes the results of the four-year Integrated Research Project CIRCE – Climate Change and Impact Research: Mediterranean Environment, funded by th

2013 | Buch

Regional Assessment of Climate Change in the Mediterranean

Volume 2: Agriculture, Forests and Ecosystem Services and People

Volume 2 of a three-volume final report thoroughly describes, synthesizes and analyzes the results of the four-year Integrated Research Project CIRCE – Climate Change and Impact Research: Mediterranean Environment, funded by the EU 6th Framework Prog

2013 | Buch

Regional Assessment of Climate Change in the Mediterranean

Volume 1: Air, Sea and Precipitation and Water

Volume 1 of a three-volume final report describes, synthesizes and analyzes the results of the four-year Integrated Research Project CIRCE – Climate Change and Impact Research: Mediterranean Environment, funded by the EU 6th Framework Programme. Cond

2013 | Buch

Climate Change and Water Governance

Adaptive Capacity in Chile and Switzerland

The book presents detailed case studies examining the Rhône Basin in the Canton Valais, Switzerland and the Aconcagua Basin in Valparaiso, Chile. In order to understand and assess the interplay of complex and interlinked environmental and socio-ec

2012 | Buch

Swarming Landscapes

The Art of Designing For Climate Adaptation

This book advocates a fresh approach to planning that anticipates, rather than reacts to, the changes in climate currently in process. Today’s spatial planning procedures rely on historical evidence instead of preparing for factors that by definition

2011 | Buch

Global Climate Change - The Technology Challenge

In order to avoid the potentially catastrophic impacts of global warming, the current 3% CO2 global emission growth rate must be transformed to a 1 to 3% declining rate, as soon as possible. This will require a rapid and radical transfo

2011 | Buch

African Climate and Climate Change

Physical, Social and Political Perspectives

Compared to many other regions of the world, Africa is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and variability. Widespread poverty, an extensive disease burden and pockets of political instability across the continent has resulted i