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Advances in Manufacturing 1/2021
Advances in Manufacturing

Ausgabe 1/2021

Special Issue: Sustainable Intelligent Design and Intelligent Manufacturing


Inhaltsverzeichnis (12 Artikel)

Open Access 04.05.2020

Digital twin-based sustainable intelligent manufacturing: a review
Bin He, Kai-Jian Bai


Chatter identification of thin-walled parts for intelligent manufacturing based on multi-signal processing
Dong-Dong Li, Wei-Min Zhang, Yuan-Shi Li, Feng Xue, Jürgen Fleischer


Novel design and composition optimization of self-lubricating functionally graded cemented tungsten carbide cutting tool material for dry machining
Rityuj Singh Parihar, Raj Kumar Sahu, Srinivasu Gangi Setti


Arduino-based low-cost electrical load tracking system with a long-range mesh network
Xin-Lin Wang, Bora Ha, Frank Andrew Manongi, Woo-Kyun Jung, Yusufu Abeid Chande Jande, Sung-Hoon Ahn


Pareto optimization of WEDM process parameters for machining a NiTi shape memory alloy using a combined approach of RSM and heat transfer search algorithm
Rakesh Chaudhari, Jay J. Vora, S. S. Mani Prabu, I. A. Palani, Vivek K. Patel, D. M. Parikh


Intelligent modular design with holonic fuzzy agents
Egon Ostrosi, Alain-Jérôme Fougères, Zai-Fang Zhang, Josip Stjepandić


Improving maintenance efficiency and safety through a human-centric approach
C. Y. Siew, S. K. Ong, A. Y. C. Nee

Open Access 25.01.2021

Modeling, analysis, and optimization of dimensional accuracy of FDM-fabricated parts using definitive screening design and deep learning feedforward artificial neural network
Omar Ahmed Mohamed, Syed Hasan Masood, Jahar Lal Bhowmik


Novel combined shield design for eye and face protection from COVID-19
Xiu-Ling Huang, Jin-Rong Yang, Yu-Xiang Sun, Yi-Wen Chen, Xiu-Mei Wang, Shui-Miao Du, Zi-Kai Hua


Investigation into keyhole-weld pool dynamic behaviors based on HDR vision sensing of real-time K-TIG welding process through a steel/glass sandwich
Yan-Xin Cui, Yong-Hua Shi, Qiang Ning, Yun-Ke Chen, Bao-Ri Zhang


Modal parameter determination and chatter prediction for blade whirling: a comparative study based on symmetric and asymmetric FRF
Lu-Yi Han, Ri-Liang Liu, Xin-Feng Liu


Effect of ultrasonic impact treatment on the surface integrity of nickel alloy 718
Zheng Zhou, Chang-Feng Yao, Yu Zhao, Yang Wang, Liang Tan

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