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Advances in Manufacturing

Advances in Manufacturing 2/2014

Ausgabe 2/2014

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 11 Artikel )

01.06.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2014

Guest editorial of “Intelligent logistics and supply chains”

Yi Wang, Jan Ola Strandhagen, Ke-Sheng Wang

01.06.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2014

Ontology-based interoperability solutions for textile supply chain

Rishad Rayyaan, Yi Wang, Richard Kennon

01.06.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2014

Intelligent and integrated RFID (II-RFID) system for improving traceability in manufacturing

Ke-Sheng Wang

01.06.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2014

RFID unreliable data filtering by integrating adaptive sliding window and Euclidean distance

Li-Lan Liu, Zi-Long Yuan, Xue-Wei Liu, Cheng Chen, Ke-Sheng Wang

01.06.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2014

Approaching lean product development using system dynamics: investigating front-load effects

Alemu Moges Belay, Torgeir Welo, Petri Helo

01.06.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2014

Implications of automation in engineer-to-order production: a case study

Børge Sjøbakk, Maria Kollberg Thomassen, Erlend Alfnes

01.06.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2014

Incentive regulation of banks on third party logistics enterprises in principal-agent-based inventory financing

Xue-Hua Sun, Xue-Jian Chu, Zhong-Dai Wu

01.06.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2014

A framework for ICT-enabled real-time production planning and control

Emrah Arica, Daryl J. Powell

01.06.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2014

The fit of planning methods for the part manufacturing industry, a case study

Philipp Spenhoff, Marco Semini, Erlend Alfnes, Jan Ola Strandhagen

01.06.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2014

The dynamic of professional knowledge utilized in software applications for process controlling

Wladimir Bodrow

01.06.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2014

Product portfolio map: a visual tool for supporting product variant discovery and structuring

Sören Ulonska, Torgeir Welo

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