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Ambio 2/2018

Ausgabe 2/2018

Special Section: Integrating Mercury Research and Policy in a Changing World

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01.03.2018 | Invited Paper | Ausgabe 2/2018 Open Access

Integrating mercury research and policy in a changing world

Celia Y. Chen, Charles T. Driscoll

01.03.2018 | Invited Paper | Ausgabe 2/2018 Open Access

A review of global environmental mercury processes in response to human and natural perturbations: Changes of emissions, climate, and land use

Daniel Obrist, Jane L. Kirk, Lei Zhang, Elsie M. Sunderland, Martin Jiskra, Noelle E. Selin

01.03.2018 | Invited Paper | Ausgabe 2/2018 Open Access

Challenges and opportunities for managing aquatic mercury pollution in altered landscapes

Heileen Hsu-Kim, Chris S. Eckley, Dario Achá, Xinbin Feng, Cynthia C. Gilmour, Sofi Jonsson, Carl P. J. Mitchell

01.03.2018 | Invited Paper | Ausgabe 2/2018 Open Access

Modulators of mercury risk to wildlife and humans in the context of rapid global change

Collin A. Eagles-Smith, Ellen K. Silbergeld, Niladri Basu, Paco Bustamante, Fernando Diaz-Barriga, William A. Hopkins, Karen A. Kidd, Jennifer F. Nyland

01.03.2018 | Invited Paper | Ausgabe 2/2018 Open Access

Linking science and policy to support the implementation of the Minamata Convention on Mercury

Henrik Selin, Susan Egan Keane, Shuxiao Wang, Noelle E. Selin, Kenneth Davis, Dominique Bally

01.03.2018 | Perspective | Ausgabe 2/2018 Open Access

Functional Land Management: Bridging the Think-Do-Gap using a multi-stakeholder science policy interface

Lilian O’Sullivan, David Wall, Rachel Creamer, Francesca Bampa, Rogier P. O. Schulte

01.03.2018 | Report | Ausgabe 2/2018

A spatial evaluation of historic iron mining impacts on current impaired waters in Lake Superior’s Mesabi Range

John Baeten, Nancy Langston, Don Lafreniere

01.03.2018 | Report | Ausgabe 2/2018

The impact on rural livelihoods and ecosystem services of a major relocation and settlement program: A case in Shaanxi, China

Cong Li, Shuzhuo Li, Marcus W. Feldman, Jie Li, Hua Zheng, Gretchen C. Daily

01.03.2018 | Acknowledgements | Ausgabe 2/2018

Reviewer Acknowledgements

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