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Annals of Telecommunications

Annals of Telecommunications 11-12/2019

Ausgabe 11-12/2019

Open Topics

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 6 Artikel )

16.03.2019 | Ausgabe 11-12/2019

Multi-carrier, multi-band, and multi-layer cellular layouts using 3D beamforming for 5G ultradense networks

Leila Aissaoui Ferhi, Kaouthar Sethom, Fethi Choubani, Ridha Bouallegue

31.07.2019 | Ausgabe 11-12/2019

Efficient relay selection scheme utilizing superposition modulation in cooperative communication

Seung-Jun Yu, Yeong-Seop Ahn, Sung-Bok Choi, Yeon-Kug Moon, Hyoung-Kyu Song

24.07.2019 | Ausgabe 11-12/2019

An optimal mutually coupled concentric circular antenna array synthesis using ant lion optimization

Avishek Das, D. Mandal, S. P. Ghoshal, R. Kar

29.05.2019 | Ausgabe 11-12/2019

Dynamic Multicriteria Alternative Routing for single- and multi-service reservation-oriented networks and its performance

Catarina Francisco, Lúcia Martins, Deep Medhi

24.04.2019 | Ausgabe 11-12/2019

Traveling distance estimation to mitigate unnecessary handoff in mobile wireless networks

Md. Arafatur Rahman, Qusay Medhat Salih, A. Taufiq Asyhari, Saiful Azad

13.03.2019 | Ausgabe 11-12/2019

Spectrum sensing in cognitive radio using multitaper method based on MIMO-OFDM techniques

Ahmed O. Abdul Salam, Ray E. Sheriff, Saleh R. Al-Araji, Kahtan Mezher, Qassim Nasir

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