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Annals of Telecommunications

Annals of Telecommunications 9-10/2019

Ausgabe 9-10/2019

Techniques for smart and secure 5G softwarized networks

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 9 Artikel )

12.09.2019 | Editorial | Ausgabe 9-10/2019

Techniques for smart and secure 5G softwarized networks

Laurent Ciavaglia, Prosper Chemouil, Bruce Maggs

23.07.2019 | Ausgabe 9-10/2019

DAReSch: deadline-aware request scheduling for cloud storage services

Ghada Tlili, Haythem Yahyaoui, Mohamed Faten Zhani, Halima Elbiaze

09.07.2019 | ``CfP: Techniques for Smart and Secure 5G Softwarized Networks'' | Ausgabe 9-10/2019

Algorithms for the design of 5G networks with VNF-based Reusable Functional Blocks

Luca Chiaraviglio, Fabio D’Andreagiovanni, Simone Rossetti, Giulio Sidoretti, Nicola Blefari-Melazzi, Stefano Salsano, Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini, Francesco Malandrino

17.07.2019 | Ausgabe 9-10/2019

The controller placement problem for robust SDNs against malicious node attacks considering the control plane with and without split-brain

Dorabella Santos, Amaro de Sousa, Carmen Mas Machuca

12.07.2019 | Ausgabe 9-10/2019

A survey on authentication and access control for mobile networks: from 4G to 5G

Shanay Behrad, Emmanuel Bertin, Noel Crespi

16.08.2019 | Ausgabe 9-10/2019

Embedded network design to support availability differentiation

Abdulaziz Alashaikh, David Tipper, Teresa Gomes

24.07.2019 | Ausgabe 9-10/2019

Resource management of cloud-enabled systems using model-free reinforcement learning

Yue Jin, Makram Bouzid, Dimitre Kostadinov, Armen Aghasaryan

19.07.2019 | Ausgabe 9-10/2019

Multi-cloud cooperative intrusion detection system: trust and fairness assurance

Adel Abusitta, Martine Bellaiche, Michel Dagenais

19.06.2019 | "CfP: Techniques for Smart & Secure 5G Softwarized Networks” | Ausgabe 9-10/2019

Automotive virtual edge communicator (AVEC) with vehicular inter-agent service orchestration and resourcing (ViSOR)

Rebecca Copeland, Michael Copeland, Shohreh Ahvar, Noel Crespi, Oyunchimeg Shagdar, Romain Durand

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