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Video conference in the fog: an economical approach based on enterprise desktop grid

There exist two classical and well-understood approaches to video-processing tasks (such as mixing or trans-coding) for videoconferencing. The first one is using a centralized multipoint control unit (MCU), hardware- or software-based, deployed …


An iterative heuristic approach for channel and power allocation in wireless networks

A large number of access points (APs) may be required to provide network coverage in a given environment. However, a non-optimized deployment of these APs can reduce the network performance significantly due to the excessive interference. The …


Matrix differentiation for capacity region of Gaussian multiple access channels under weighted total power constraint

Maximization the capacity region of Gaussian multiple access channels with vector inputs and vector outputs has been extensively studied in existing schemes. Although these schemes are proven effective in various real-life applications, they are …


A dynamic harmony search-based fuzzy clustering protocol for energy-efficient wireless sensor networks

In the development of cluster-based energy-efficient protocols for wireless sensor networks (WSNs), a particularly challenging problem is the dynamic organization of sensors into a wireless communication network and the routing of sensed …


Raptor: a network tool for mitigating the impact of spatially correlated failures in infrastructure networks

Current practices of fault-tolerant network design ignore the fact that most network infrastructure faults are localized or spatially correlated (i.e., confined to geographic regions). Network operators require new tools to mitigate the impact of …

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This international journal publishes original peer-reviewed papers in the field of telecommunications. It covers all the essential branches of modern telecommunications, ranging from digital communications to communication networks and the internet, to software, protocols and services, uses and economics. This large spectrum of topics accounts for the rapid convergence through telecommunications of the underlying technologies in computers, communications, content management towards the emergence of the information and knowledge society.

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