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27.10.2020 | Research Article-Chemistry

Solar Photocatalytic and Antimicrobial Activity of Porous Indium-Doped TiO2 Nanostructure

Indium-doped titanium oxide (In-TiO2) anatase nanostructure with macro- and microporosity was synthesized by green method using aqueous plant waste extract as bio-template and ultrasonic waves instead of hazardous chemicals and solvents and energy …

27.10.2020 | Research Article-Chemical Engineering

Experimental Investigation of Fast Pyrolysis of Isoberlina doka-Derived Sawdust for Bio-Oil Production

Fast pyrolysis is considered an emerging technology for biomass conversion into liquid oil. In this paper, the conversion of waste from Isoberlina doka tree processing into bio-oil using a bench-scale fixed bed reactor with a fluidized behavior …

27.10.2020 | Research Article-Mechanical Engineering

Multi-objective Optimization of Ms58 Brass Machining Operation by Multi-axis CNC Lathe

Brass materials are widely used in many fields of machinery, especially plumbing applications. Parts produced from brass are processed in lathes or milling machines during the manufacturing phase. In this study, 6-corner pieces were produced by …

27.10.2020 | Research Article-Civil Engineering

Experimental Study on Oxygen Mass Transfer Characteristics by Plunging Hollow Jets

Aeration by plunging water jets is an effective and economical method of transferring oxygen into the receiving pool of water. A dispersion of air bubbles occurs underneath the pool surface as a high-velocity liquid jet plunges on the water …

27.10.2020 | Research Article-Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Sparse to Dense Scale Prediction for Crowd Couting in High Density Crowds

Head detection-based crowd counting is of great importance and serves as a preprocessing step in many visual applications, for example, counting, tracking, and crowd dynamics understanding. Despite significant importance, limited amount of work is …

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