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Archive of Applied Mechanics

Archive of Applied Mechanics 10/2018

Ausgabe 10/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 16 Artikel )

25.06.2018 | Technical Note | Ausgabe 10/2018

A combined approach for active vibration control of fluid-loaded structures using the receptance method

Maolong Xia, Sheng Li

14.05.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 10/2018 Open Access

Approximate method for temperature-dependent characteristics of structures with viscoelastic dampers

Roman Lewandowski, Maciej Przychodzki

29.05.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 10/2018

On artifact solutions of semi-analytic methods in nonlinear dynamics

Utz von Wagner, Lukas Lentz

06.06.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 10/2018

Discrete and continuous aspects of some metamaterial elastic structures with band gaps

Mohammed Galal El Sherbiny, Luca Placidi

28.05.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 10/2018

Modeling and frequency analysis of beam with breathing crack

Amar Mofid Nakhaei, Morteza Dardel, Mohammad Hassan Ghasemi

31.05.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 10/2018

Uniformity of stresses inside a non-elliptical inhomogeneity interacting with a circular Eshelby inclusion in anti-plane shear

Xu Wang, Liang Chen, Peter Schiavone

09.06.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 10/2018

Luffing angular response field prediction of the DACS with narrowly random payload parameters based on a modified hybrid random method

Bin Zhou, Bin Zi, Sen Qian, Weidong Zhu

05.06.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 10/2018

Dynamic response of a circular inclusion embedded in inhomogeneous half-space

Guanxixi Jiang, Zailin Yang, Cheng Sun, Baitao Sun, Yong Yang

05.06.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 10/2018

Stress field in the thermoelastic rolling contact of graded coatings

Ali Nili, Saeed Adibnazari, Ardavan Karimzadeh

07.06.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 10/2018

Size-dependent stress intensity factors in a gradient elastic double cantilever beam with surface effects

R. P. Joseph, B. Wang, B. Samali

09.06.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 10/2018

3D elasticity solution for uniformly loaded elliptical plates of functionally graded materials using complex variables method

Y. W. Yang, Y. Zhang, W. Q. Chen, B. Yang, Q. Q. Yang

15.06.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 10/2018

A basis reduction method using proper orthogonal decomposition for lower bound shakedown analysis of composite material

Jun-Hyok Ri, Hyon-Sik Hong

18.06.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 10/2018

A novel approach to calibrate the Drucker–Prager Cap model for Al7075 powder

A. Atrian, G. H. Majzoobi, B. Markert, S. H. Nourbakhsh

29.06.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 10/2018

Kinetic characteristics analysis of a new torsional oscillator based on impulse response

Jialin Tian, Yinglin Yang, Liming Dai, Xiaoyue Lin

22.06.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 10/2018

Contact problem of a graded layer supported by two rigid punches

Isa Çömez, Sami El-Borgi

02.07.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 10/2018

Energetic assessment of an embedded aircraft propulsion: an analytic approach

Peter F. Pelz, Ferdinand-J. Cloos, Jörg Sieber

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