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Archive of Applied Mechanics

Archive of Applied Mechanics 9/2018

Ausgabe 9/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 12 Artikel )

24.04.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 9/2018

Experimental investigation and numerical simulations of U-notch specimens under mixed mode loading by the conventional and extended finite element methods

A. Nasrnia, F. Haji Aboutalebi

25.04.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 9/2018

Water wave scattering by two surface-piercing and one submerged thin vertical barriers

Ranita Roy, Soumen De, B. N. Mandal

30.04.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 9/2018

A new crack detection method in a beam under geometrically nonlinear vibration

Mousa Rezaee, Vahid Shaterian-Alghalandis

23.04.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 9/2018

Influences of inclusions and corresponding interphase on elastic properties of composites

Wei Liu, Lichun Bian

02.05.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 9/2018

The elastic solutions of separable problems with the applications to multilayered structures

Guannan Wang

05.05.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 9/2018

Collapse load of a masonry arch after actual displacements of the supports

Fabio Di Carlo, Simona Coccia, Zila Rinaldi

11.05.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 9/2018

Axisymmetric nonstationary elastic contact problem for conforming surfaces

Veniamin Kubenko, Ihor V. Yanchevskyi

08.05.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 9/2018

An enriched finite element method for general wave propagation problems using local element domain harmonic enrichment functions

Amit Kumar, Santosh Kapuria

08.05.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 9/2018

Enhanced zigzag theory for static analysis of composite plates

Zigzag theory for composite plates
Jayanta Kumar Nath, Bibhuti Bhusana Mishra

18.05.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 9/2018

Generalized Weibull model-based statistical tensile strength of carbon fibres

R. Harikrishnan, P. M. Mohite, C. S. Upadhyay

14.05.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 9/2018

Theoretical approach of characterizing the crack-tip constraint effects associated with material’s fracture toughness

Junnan Lv, Li Yu, Wei Du, Qun Li

11.05.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 9/2018

Vibration control of soft mounted induction motors with sleeve bearings using active motor foot mounts: a theoretical analysis

Ulrich Werner

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