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03.05.2021 | Original Open Access

Targeted residual stress generation in single and two point incremental sheet forming (ISF)

The mechanical properties and the operating life of a formed component are highly dependent on the residual stress state. There is always a high magnitude of residual stresses in the components formed by incremental sheet forming (ISF) due to the …

03.05.2021 | Original

Thermoelastic response of a nonhomogeneous elliptic plate in the framework of fractional order theory

This article aims to examine the thermoelastic problem for a medium with nonhomogeneous material properties within a finite-length elliptical plate. An analytical method is established under the assumption that the thermomechanical material …

30.04.2021 | Original

Free vibration analysis and mode management of bistable composite laminates using deep learning

In this paper, for the first time, the deep learning technique of the artificial neural network method is used to determine the free vibration parameters of the rectangular bistable composite plates. For this purpose, first, the static and free …

30.04.2021 | Original

Poroelastic response of a functionally graded hollow cylinder under an asymmetric loading condition

This paper aims to develop semi-analytical results of the poromechanical fields in a hollow cylinder subjected to an asymmetric loading condition. The poroelastic properties of the hollow cylinder vary in the radial direction. The heterogeneous …

30.04.2021 | Original

State–space approach on two-temperature three-phase-lag thermoelastic medium with a spherical cavity due to memory-dependent derivative

In this article, thermoelastic interaction in a two-temperature generalized thermoelastic unbounded isotropic medium having spherical cavity has been studied in the context of memory-dependent derivative (MDD). The governing coupled equations for …

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Archive of Applied Mechanics aims to disseminate new results and methods of scientific research in the field of solid and fluid mechanics, dynamics, vibrations and control. Material modeling, fracture and damage mechanics, continuum mechanics in general, structural mechanics, biomechanics and hydrodynamics are especially emphasized. Included are related disciplines, in a form useful to engineering practice. New analytical, numerical and experimental methods suited to research in the above mentioned subjects are welcomed.
Archive of Applied Mechanics was founded as “Ingenieur-Archiv” in 1929 (Vol. 1) by R. Grammel. The title was changed to “Archive of Applied” Mechanics in 1991.

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