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23.05.2020 | Original Research Open Access

“Those are Your Words, Not Mine!” Defence Strategies for Denying Speaker Commitment

In response to an accusation of having said something inappropriate, the accused may exploit the difference between the explicit contents of their utterance and its implicatures. Widely discussed in the pragmatics literature are those cases in …

07.05.2020 | Original Research Open Access

Annotating Argument Schemes

Argument schemes are abstractions substantiating the inferential connection between premise(s) and conclusion in argumentative communication. Identifying such conventional patterns of reasoning is essential to the interpretation and evaluation of …

23.03.2020 | Original Research

No Place for Compromise: Resisting the Shift to Negotiation

In a series of recent papers beginning with their “Splitting a difference of opinion: The shift to negotiation” (Argumentation 32:329–350, 2018a) Jan Albert van Laar and Erik Krabbe claim that it is sometimes reasonable (i.e., rationally …

13.03.2020 | Book Review

Eddo Rigotti and Sara Greco: Inference in Argumentation. A Topics-Based Approach to Argument Schemes

2019, Springer, Cham

12.03.2020 | Original Research

Whataboutisms and Inconsistency

Despite being very common in both public and private argumentation, accusations of selective application of general premises, also known as “whataboutisms”, have been mostly overlooked in argumentation studies, where they are, at most, taken as …

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