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15.10.2019 | Original Article

Model-based motion control for underwater vehicle-manipulator systems with one of the three types of servo subsystems

This paper deals with a motion control scheme for underwater robots equipped with manipulators. In general, for each robot, its manipulator is directly driven by electric motors with position sensors such as encoders, whereas its robot body is …

14.10.2019 | Original Article

Relationship  between mechanisms of blood pressure change and facial skin temperature distribution

Hypertension causes cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases. To help prevent this, early detection requires continuous monitoring of blood pressure in daily life, which must be measured without contact. We previously proposed a noncontact …

12.10.2019 | Original Article

Complexity of bird song caused by adversarial imitation learning

Biological evolution produces complexity through genetic variations based on randomness. In conventional communication or language simulation models, genetic variations based on randomness and fitness function rewarding task achievements play an …

10.10.2019 | Original Article

Investigation of training performance of convolutional neural networks evolved by genetic algorithms using an activity function

This article presents a study on the training performance of convolutional neural networks (CNN) evolved by genetic algorithms (GA) using an activity function for image recognition. Globally, GA has been considered as one of the most robust search …

08.10.2019 | Original Article

The large-scale parallelization of the Boids model on the K computer and the heterogeneous multi-processing unit

While attempting the parallelization of multiagent systems, a load imbalance often slows down the calculation. Hirokawa et al. presented a multilevel hierarchy of parallelism to mitigate the load-imbalance problem of the Boids model using a …

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