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29.06.2022 | Original Research

Best-Case Scenario Robust Portfolio: Evidence from China Stock Market

Stock markets are flooded with various uncertainties such as stock market scenarios, especially the input parameters of stock portfolio models. It is hard for stock market investments to jointly deal with them. Although robust portfolio is the …

20.06.2022 | Original Research

Persistence of Large-Cap Equity Funds performance, market timing ability, and selectivity: evidence from India

In this paper, we examine the persistence of large-cap equity mutual funds performance, market timing skills, and selectivity of fund managers in India. The study uses monthly data of net assets values (NAV), market capitalization, and price to …

28.05.2022 | Original Research

Trading Behaviour of Foreign Institutional Investors: Evidence from Indian Stock Markets

The existence of behavioural bias such as positive feedback trading (PFT) and herding is well researched for advanced economies. This paper explores whether foreign institutional investors (FIIs), a prominent investor group, pursue these …

26.05.2022 | Original Research

Nexus Between Indian Financial Markets and Macro-economic Shocks: A VAR Approach

This paper studies the nexus between asset returns volatility in six major segments of Indian financial markets (viz. money, equity, gsec, forex, equity and banking stocks) and macro-economic shocks (viz. GDP, Inflation, Current Account Deficit …

23.05.2022 | Original Research

Comparing Cost Efficiency Between Financial and Non-financial Holding Banks and Insurers in Taiwan Under the Framework of Copula Methods and Metafrontier

This paper examines the cost efficiency (CE), technology gap ratio (TGR), and overall cost efficiency (OCE) of 43 banks and 27 life insurance companies operating in Taiwan. The use of the copula method to derive the joint probability density …

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The current remarkable growth in the Asia-Pacific financial markets is certain to continue. These markets are expected to play a further important role in the world capital markets for investment and risk management. In accordance with this development, Asia-Pacific Financial Markets (formerly Financial Engineering and the Japanese Markets), the official journal of the Japanese Association of Financial Econometrics and Engineering (JAFEE), is expected to provide an international forum for researchers and practitioners in academia, industry, and government, who engage in empirical and/or theoretical research into the financial markets. We invite submission of quality papers on all aspects of finance and financial engineering.
Here we interpret the term 'financial engineering' broadly enough to cover such topics as financial time series, portfolio analysis, global asset allocation, trading strategy for investment, optimization methods, macro monetary economic analysis and pricing models for various financial assets including derivatives We stress that purely theoretical papers, as well as empirical studies that use Asia-Pacific market data, are welcome.

Asia-Pacific Financial Markets
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