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01.10.2011 | Original Empirical Research | Ausgabe 5/2011 Open Access

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 5/2011

Assessing multifunctional innovation adoption via an integrative model

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science > Ausgabe 5/2011
Maria Sääksjärvi, Saeed Samiee
Wichtige Hinweise
Financial support for this project from the Academy of Finland is gratefully acknowledged.


This study proposes and tests an integrative model that incorporates the mental resources framework (MOA: motivation, opportunity, and ability) alongside traditional innovation adoption predictors for assessing the adoption of dual-functionality innovations (DFI), a special case of multifunctional innovations (MFI). The multifunctional nature of an increasing number of new products demands the use of mental resources in evaluating new offers, as the comprehension of MFIs is more demanding (i.e., requires more mental resources) than single-functionality (SF) products. The proposed model also recognizes the role of MFI categorization as a critical link in the process, because an MFI, and within the context of our study a DFI, helps consumers achieve multiple goals if they realize its dual functionality. Our model demonstrates that mental resources play a significant role in consumers’ adoption decisions and should be included in studies of MFI adoption. Further, our integrative model offers a significant improvement over rival alternatives that use only traditional innovation adoption predictors. Thus, the model offers a new approach for estimating MFI adoption with a superior predictive power and facilitates the development of appropriate marketing strategies for such products.
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