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ATZ worldwide 2-3/2022
ATZ worldwide

Ausgabe 2-3/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (14 Artikel)

01.02.2022 | Editorial

Signs and Miracles
Alexander Heintzel

01.02.2022 | News

People + Companies

01.02.2022 | In the Spotlight

Is There Enough Hydrogen for Everyone?
Frank Urbansky

01.02.2022 | Cover Story

Protecting the Climate with Low-CO2 Production
Frank Jung

01.02.2022 | Cover Story

Data for the Reuse and Recycling of EV Batteries
Patrick Peter

01.02.2022 | Cover Story

"The transformation of the supply chains is key for sustainability"
Michael Reichenbach

01.02.2022 | Cover Story

Forging and the Climate Path - Routes to CO2-free Components
Hans-Willi Raedt

01.02.2022 | News


01.02.2022 | Development

Predictive Headlamp Systems - Based on Driver Assistance Technology
Michael Koherr, Matthias Reiter

01.02.2022 | Development

Virtual Twin for the Calculation of the Power Demand of the Interior Air Conditioning
Christian Rommelfanger, Louis Fischer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Christoph van Treeck

01.02.2022 | Development

AI-based Management of Climate Control Functions
Martin Noltemeyer, Duc Nguyen Viet, Thomas Wysocki

01.02.2022 | Development

Concept Study on a Vehicle Dynamics Simulator for Hybrid Operating Strategies
Philipp Korous, Peter Lenz, Bennet Gedan, Pascal Piecha

01.02.2022 | Research

Heat Pump Modules with R744 for City Busses
Christian Peteranderl, Michael Bernath, Wilhelm Tegethoff, Thomas Ille

01.02.2022 | Guest Commentary

Mobility Study - This is What Moves Munich
Dirk Wollschläger

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