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ATZ worldwide 3/2021
ATZ worldwide

Ausgabe 3/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (15 Artikel)

01.03.2021 | Editorial

The Emperor's New Hybrid
Frank Jung

01.03.2021 | News

People + Companies

01.03.2021 | In the Spotlight

The Car as an Energy Storage System
Susanne Roeder

01.03.2021 | Cover Story

Composite Use of CFRP, Steel and Aluminum
Frank Jung

01.03.2021 | Cover Story

First Body-in-White Made from Composites for a Chinese Electric Car
Zheren Wang, Michael Käferböck, Hui Zhao, Haibo Chen

01.03.2021 | Cover Story

"We can reduce carbon emissions by using sustainable aluminum"
Michael Reichenbach

01.03.2021 | Cover Story

Global Sensitivity Matrix for Vehicle Development
Jana Büttner, Stefan Schwarz, Axel Schumacher, Thomas Bäck

01.03.2021 | News


01.03.2021 | Development

Organo Sheet Door Technologies for Tougher Crash Standards
Marcus Klopp, Michael Thienel, Eike Ritthaler

01.03.2021 | Development

Virtual Driving Tests of Powertrain Systems in the Driving Simulator
Edward Kraft, Andreas Viehmann, Philipp Erler, Stephan Rinderknecht

01.03.2021 | Development

Holistic, Context-sensitive Human-machine Interaction for Automated Vehicles
Tobias Hesse, Michael Oehl, Uwe Drewitz, Meike Jipp

01.03.2021 | Development

Vehicle Dynamics of Battery Electric Vehicles
Mario Oswald, Georg Schrank, Joachim Ecker

01.03.2021 | Development

Technical Aspects of High-performance Electric Vehicles
Inés Cuenca Jaén, Chirstian Paar

01.03.2021 | Research

Safety in Autonomous Driving - Evaluation by Maximum Entropy
Hans Braun, Michael Gerke, Reiner Marchthaler

01.03.2021 | Guest Commentary

The Opportunity of Chemical Recycling
Marco Philippi

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