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ATZ worldwide 4/2022
ATZ worldwide

Ausgabe 4/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (14 Artikel)

01.04.2022 | Editorial

Michael Reichenbach

01.04.2022 | News

People + Companies

01.04.2022 | In the Spotlight

Possibilities for the Electrification of Heavy Commercial Vehicles
Richard Backhaus

01.04.2022 | Cover Story

Faster and Safer Testing
Frank Jung

01.04.2022 | Cover Story

Automatic Generation of Validated Virtual Complete Vehicle Prototypes
Mario Oswald, Andreas Fleck, Jörg Schlager, Georg Schrank

01.04.2022 | Cover Story

"We can replicate any road in the world on our test rigs"
Michael Reichenbach

01.04.2022 | Cover Story

Female Dummies and Occupant Dummies for Autonomous Driving
Thomas Kinsky, Christian Kleeßen

01.04.2022 | News


01.04.2022 | Development

More Sustainability and Less Fine Dust in Urban Delivery Traffic
Sebastian Streuff, Philipp Schmid, Markus Kolczyk, Florian Keller

01.04.2022 | Development

Complexity of Software Testing in Chassis Development
Benedikt Jooß, Dieter Schramm

01.04.2022 | Development

Transport Robots in Automated Shuttles
Marko Thiel, Matthias Grote, Manuel Schrick, Sandra Tjaden

01.04.2022 | Development

Modern In-vehicle Lighting - Market Studies Meet Science
Christopher Weirich, Yandan Lin, Tran Quoc Khanh

01.04.2022 | Research

AI Systems Engineering for Mobility Applications - Data Basis from Real World Laboratories
Michael Weber, Marc René Zofka, Patrick Schulz, Alexander Viehl

01.04.2022 | Guest Commentary

ISO/SAE 21434 - The Standard for Security in Connected Cars
Udo Schneider

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