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ATZ worldwide 5-6/2021
ATZ worldwide

Ausgabe 5-6/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (17 Artikel)

01.05.2021 | Editorial

Driving us over a Cliff
Alexander Heintzel

01.05.2021 | News

People + Companies

01.05.2021 | In the Spotlight

5G - The New Gold Standard?
Andreas Burkert

01.05.2021 | Cover Story

Improving Dynamics and Comfort
Frank Jung

01.05.2021 | Cover Story

Chassis Development in Practice - Noise Behavior of a Mechatronic Active Roll Control
Harald Schäfer, Mark Nichols, Alfred Pecher

01.05.2021 | Cover Story

"The triple constraints of efficiency, performance and ride comfort"
Frank Jung

01.05.2021 | Cover Story

SAE Level-3 Automation - Comparison of Traded and Shared Control
Kevin M. van Dintel, Sebastiaan M. Petermeijer, Edwin J. H. de Vries, David A. Abbink

01.05.2021 | News


01.05.2021 | Correction

Correction to: Influence of Hydrogen on Fatigue Strength of Austenitic Steels
Chris Kohler, Stefan Zickler, Stefan Weihe

01.05.2021 | Development

Concept Methodology for Electric Vehicle Topology
Tobias Dirr, Tobias Ross, Angus Riddoch, Hendrik Gronau

01.05.2021 | Development

Machine Learning as a Key Technology for Implementing Automated Driving
Adrian Sonka, Silvia Thal, Roman Henze, Lars Seghorn

01.05.2021 | Development

Highly Accurate Scenario and Reference Data for Automated Driving
Julian Bock, Lennart Vater, Robert Krajewski, Tobias Moers

01.05.2021 | Development

Analysis of Risks of Self-driving Vehicles from a Climate Policy Perspective
Viktoriya Kolarova, Marena Pützschler, Kerstin Stark

01.05.2021 | Development

Joining Artificial and Human Intelligence
Dominik Witt, Marcel Rösner

01.05.2021 | Development

Energy-efficient Shifting of Electric Multi-speed Transmissions
Thorsten Hillesheim

01.05.2021 | Research

Car Rain Sensors as Mobile Measuring Stations in Heavy-rain Forecasting
Etienne Costa-Patry, Sven Holzendorf, Matthias Pätsch

01.05.2021 | Guest Commentary

The E-boom Leads to Distribution Battles
Alexander Krug

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