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11.05.2022 | Drivetrain | News | Online-Artikel

How do future powertrains and energy systems interact?

ATZlive hosted the 2022 International Congress Powertrains and Energy Systems of Tomorrow as a hybrid event. Here you can read selected contents in our summary article.  

10.05.2022 | Internal Combustion Engine | News | Online-Artikel

Keyou Showcases Bus and Truck with Hydrogen Combustion Engine

Hydrogen specialist Keyou will present an 18-t truck and a 12-m city bus at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2022. Both prototypes are equipped with the Keyou-inside hydrogen engine.

09.05.2022 | Sensors | News | Online-Artikel

Hella Develops Multifunctional Panels for Electric Vehicles

In battery-electric vehicles, the classic radiator grille can be dispensed with due to the lower cooling requirement. Hella is developing multifunctional panels for these freed-up areas.

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