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ATZelectronics worldwide 3/2016
ATZelectronics worldwide

Ausgabe 3/2016


Inhaltsverzeichnis (16 Artikel)

01.06.2016 | Editorial

Wrong Signals
Markus Schöttle

01.06.2016 | News

People + Companies
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden

01.06.2016 | In the Spotlight

Reasonable Action versus Hasty Action
Markus Schöttle

01.06.2016 | Cover Story

Driver Assistance Systems Safety and Security
Markus Schöttle

01.06.2016 | Cover Story

Fail-operational E/E Architecture for Highly-automated Driving Functions
Dr. Gereon Weiß, Philipp Schleiß M.Sc., Dipl.-Inf. Univ. Christian Drabek

01.06.2016 | Cover Story

“The automated driving will revolutionise the automotive industry”
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden

01.06.2016 | Cover Story

Cybersecurity of Connected and Automated Vehicles
André Weimerskirch

01.06.2016 | News


01.06.2016 | Development

Cognitive Load of the Driver Measurements of Risk Based on How the Pupils Change
Dr. Stefan Marti

01.06.2016 | Development

Validation of Camera-based Driver Assistance Systems in the Vehicle Laboratory
Dipl.-Ing. Benjamin Gerbeth, Dipl.-Ing. Benedikt Schonlau, Dipl.-Ing. Udo Wehner

01.06.2016 | Development

Vehicle Access Systems of the Future
Andreas Wolf, Stephan Greiff, Robert Obermaier

01.06.2016 | Contents

Big Engineering Data Value-adding Capital of the Future
Dipl.-Ing. (MBA) Thorsten Gerke, Dmytrij Martynenko M. Sc., Arvind Hosagrahara M. Sc.

01.06.2016 | Development

Functional Safety as a Paradigm Software Development in Automotive Security
Dipl.-Inform. Marc Nause, Dr. Frank Höwing

01.06.2016 | Research

48-V Traction Battery — More than a Matter of Cell Configuration
Andreas Baumgardt, Florian Bachheibl, Univ.-Prof. Dieter Gerling

01.06.2016 | Aktuell

2nd ATZ Conference Assistance Systems Iterative Steps without Time Ties
Markus Schöttle

01.06.2016 | Guest Commentary

New Statics for Onboard Architectures
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Christian Reuss

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