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14.06.2022 | Infotainment | News | Online-Artikel

Continental Showcasing Display with Private Mode for the Passenger

Continental has developed a new display technology with the so-called privacy mode. The “Switchable Privacy Display” allows the front passenger to watch videos without distracting the driver.

13.06.2022 | Internal Combustion Engine | News | Online-Artikel

EU Parliament votes to ban internal combustion vehicles from 2035

The sale of new cars with internal combustion engines is to be banned from 2035 according to the will of the EU Parliament. Then only passenger cars and light commercial vehicles should be offered, which do not emit greenhouse gases.

13.06.2022 | Emissions | News | Online-Artikel

Pros and cons to the EU decision to phase out internal combustion engines

The EU Parliament's decision on a de facto ban on combustion engines in passenger cars is causing lively debate. Also in our editorial offices. editor Thomas Siebel  and ATZ/MTZ editor-in-chief Alexander Heintzel comment on the parliament's decision in a "pro" and "con" section. 

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