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05.01.2023 | Automotive Electronics + Software | News | Online-Artikel

Rheinmetall Integrates Charging Electronics into the Curb

verfasst von: Patrick Schäfer

30 Sek. Lesedauer

Rheinmetall has unveiled a novel charging solution concept for electric vehicles. The Rheinmetall charging curbs blend almost invisibly into the cityscape. 

At the VDE E-Mobility Conference, the technology group Rheinmetall presented a new charging solution concept for electric vehicles. The charging electronics are integrated into a curb. Electric vehicles can charge directly at the curb, eliminating the need to lay cables across sidewalks. The use of existing urban infrastructure should help avoid space problems, deterioration of the cityscape and high costs.

Compared to charging options at lampposts, this also allows charging point density to be scaled almost without restriction. For planning purposes, dummy curbs can also be installed at the desired charging locations, with the electronic module retrofitted at a later date if required. The modular charging curb enables AC charging up to 22 kW and can be integrated into existing backend systems or existing charging system structures via Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).


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