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14.01.2020 | Automotive Engineering | News | Online-Artikel

Researchers Optimize Engine Parts with Riblet Structures

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Riblet structures, such as those on shark skin, are known for their ability to reduce surface friction, which is why researchers now want to transfer these structures to engine parts. 

The "Optimizing the aerodynamic design of energy machines through the use of high-rate laser structuring technology" project at the Jade University of Applied Sciences in Wilhelmshaven has investigated the use of particular surface structures for energy machines. "A shark's skin features what are known as riblets, which help the shark to save energy when hunting by reducing surface friction," said Professor Karsten Oehlert, project lead in the Department of Engineering Sciences at the Jade University of Applied Sciences. The researchers want to use this structure in the field of energy machines such as wind and gas turbines and aerodynamic components in order to increase their efficiency. 

Using high-rate laser structuring technology, the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences researched whether riblet structures could be transferred to materials and surfaces. The results were then reviewed during experiments in the wind tunnel at the Jade University of Applied Sciences. With the help of a prognosis tool, the researchers were finally able to calculate to what extent the riblet structure increased the efficiency of the components. The next stage will see the riblet structures transferred to a turbocharger in order to increase its efficiency. The three-year project was carried out in collaboration with the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences. A consortium of businesses from the region is set to continue the project.


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