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02.06.2021 | Automotive Manufacturing | News | Online-Artikel

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New Platform on Disruptive Trends in the Automotive Industry

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The automotive specialist magazines of the ATZ/MTZ Group and the online specialist media portal are partners of Roland Berger's new Automotive Disruption Radar website. A comprehensive data basis serves as a decision-making aid for managers in the mobility sector and shows the changes taking place in the automotive industry.

Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH is joining Roland Berger's new Internet platform as a partner. In addition to the biannual publication of the Automotive Disruption Radar (ADR) study, the website will continuously provide new information and data on disruptive trends in the automotive industry. With the automotive trade journals of the ATZ/MTZ Group and the online trade media portal, Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH is participating in the Roland Berger project, which provides users with free access to current statistics, as well as longer-standing data, analyses and curated specialist articles on change in the automotive industry.

"Even though the economic environment remains tense in the pandemic, it is evident that the automotive industry continues to focus on innovation," says Wolfgang Bernhart, Partner at Roland Berger. "The four big trends – new mobility, autonomous driving, digitalization and electrification – continue to shape the market." The latest edition of the study demonstrates that people are increasingly starting to favor electric cars and many countries are regulating to allow extensive testing of autonomous vehicles. "Our new website consolidates the historical data gathered since the start of 2017, which enables us to anticipate upcoming developments," says Bernhart. "With the additional input from our partners, we have created a comprehensive source of data for anyone who is professionally involved with the future of the automotive industry."

Sven Eisenkrämer, Editor-in-Chief Digital at Springer Fachmedien in Wiesbaden, sees the new platform as a great opportunity: "Based on the resilient data, analyses and specialist information in the digital Automotive Disrutption Radar, trends for development in the automotive industry can be identified clearly and in time," says Eisenkrämer. "Especially with the current, analytical articles from our trade journals and exclusive digital content, which we make available free of charge on the ADR platform, we offer focused insights into change for experts and executives from the industry." With this cooperation, also wants to draw the attention of companies just emerging in the field of e-mobility and autonomous driving to its content.

At, Springer Fachmedien will provide content from the English-language magazines ATZ worldwide, MTZ worldwide, ATZ electronics wordwide and ATZ heavy duty worldwide, as well as exclusive digital content from, the English-language version of Users will have access to the ADR content and that of the partners after registering free of charge.


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