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Autonomous Robots

Autonomous Robots 8/2020

Ausgabe 8/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 9 Artikel )

29.07.2020 | Ausgabe 8/2020 Open Access

Structuring of tactile sensory information for category formation in robotics palpation

Luca Scimeca, Perla Maiolino, Ed Bray, Fumiya Iida

03.08.2020 | Ausgabe 8/2020 Open Access

A method for autonomous robotic manipulation through exploratory interactions with uncertain environments

Pietro Balatti, Dimitrios Kanoulas, Nikos Tsagarakis, Arash Ajoudani

26.07.2020 | Ausgabe 8/2020 Open Access

A dynamical system approach for detection and reaction to human guidance in physical human–robot interaction

Mahdi Khoramshahi, Aude Billard

08.08.2020 | Ausgabe 8/2020

Online coverage and inspection planning for 3D modeling

Soohwan Song, Daekyum Kim, Sungho Jo

31.07.2020 | Ausgabe 8/2020 Open Access

Scalable time-constrained planning of multi-robot systems

Alexandros Nikou, Shahab Heshmati-alamdari, Dimos V. Dimarogonas

08.08.2020 | Ausgabe 8/2020

Angular momentum-based control of an underactuated orthotic system for crouch-to-stand motion

Curt A. Laubscher, Ryan J. Farris, Jerzy T. Sawicki

17.08.2020 | Ausgabe 8/2020

RGB-D camera calibration and trajectory estimation for indoor mapping

Liang Yang, Ivan Dryanovski, Roberto G. Valenti, George Wolberg, Jizhong Xiao

27.08.2020 | Ausgabe 8/2020 Open Access

An approach to object-level stiffness regulation of hand-arm systems subject to under-actuation constraints

Virginia Ruiz Garate, Arash Ajoudani

28.08.2020 | Ausgabe 8/2020

Tightly-coupled ultra-wideband-aided monocular visual SLAM with degenerate anchor configurations

Thien Hoang Nguyen, Thien-Minh Nguyen, Lihua Xie

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