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03.07.2019 | Battery | News | Onlineartikel

Akasol to Open Plant for Commercial Vehicle Batteries in North America

Patrick Schäfer

Battery manufacturer Akasol has announced the opening of a battery plant in the Detroit metropolitan area in the USA. The production of second-generation commercial vehicle batteries is said to begin in 2020.

Akasol's new production facility will be subsidised by the State of Michigan. In total, Akasol will invest a medium-sized, double-digit million dollar sum in the plant over the course of five years. The battery plant's size will be similar to the plant in Langen, in Hesse, Germany. Approximately 200 jobs will be created in Michigan.

The Akasystem OEM PRC second-generation battery system will be manufactured at the new location when production starts in 2020. "We will reserve two thirds of the initial capacities of our new US-production facility for new clients, and the remaining third for our existing clients," says Roy Schulde, President of US subsidiary Akasol Inc. There are plans to produce battery systems with higher energy density in the future. The company aims to increase production to 400 MWh by 2021 with a three-shift system.

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