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13.06.2022 | Battery | News | Online-Artikel

ElringKlinger to Supply Battery System for the Piëch GT

verfasst von: Patrick Schäfer

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ElringKlinger has entered into a cooperation agreement with Piëch. The supplier is contributing the battery system for the new Swiss sports car Piëch GT. Fast charging is said to be possible in under five minutes.

German-Swiss manufacturer Piëch is sourcing the battery system for its electric sports car from ElringKlinger. For this purpose, a cooperation agreement was concluded for the development and production of the battery system. In addition to the battery modules, it also includes the battery management system. The pouch cells were initially supplied by Chinese partners and are now developed and produced in Germany.

The pouch cells were developed especially for Piëch and are said to have a comparatively large capacity. As a result, fewer cells are needed, bringing the sports car down to a weight of 1800 kg. With around 450 kW (611 PS) of power, the Piëch GT accelerates to 100 km/h in under 3.0 s. The range is said to be 500 km according to WLTP.

Fast charging in under five minutes

Thanks to a very small internal resistance as well as innovative thermal management, the cells are not supposed to get too hot. The battery can be charged at 400 and also 800 volts. With a 350-kW charger, the sports car can be charged from 20 to 80 % in 8 min. With a fast charger developed by TGOOD, charging should even take less than 5 min.


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