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Ausgabe 2/2023

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Protection of North American ash against emerald ash borer with biological control: ecological premises and progress toward success

Jian J. Duan, Juli R. Gould, Nicole F. Quinn, Toby R. Petrice, Benjamin H. Slager, Therese M. Poland, Leah S. Bauer, Claire E. Rutledge, Joseph S. Elkinton, Roy G. Van Driesche

Modelling network effects of biological control: the case of the Philippine coconut scale insect outbreak

Billy Joel M. Almarinez, Divina M. Amalin, Kathleen B. Aviso, Heriberto Cabezas, Angelyn R. Lao, Raymond R. Tan

Host specificity and performance on different hopper species of the egg parasitoid Anagrus virlai

Jorge G. Hill, Eduardo G. Virla, Carolina Manzano, Susana L. Paradell, Erica Luft Albarracin

Open Access

Susceptibility of white grubs from forestry and sugarcane plantations in South Africa to entomopathogenic nematodes

Agil Katumanyane, Bernard Slippers, Mesfin Wondafrash, Antoinette P. Malan, Brett P. Hurley

Original Article

Optimization of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Lx-11 suspoemulsion by response surface methodology to control rice bacterial blight

Hao Zhang, Rongsheng Zhang, Junqing Qiao, Junjie Yu, Zhongqiang Qi, Yan Du, Mina Yu, Huijuan Cao, Tianqiao Song, Xiayan Pan, Dong Liang, YouZhou Liu, Yongfeng Liu

Open Access

Competitive interactions affect larval survival of two root-boring weed biological control candidates of Rumex spp

Julie Klötzli, Matthias Suter, Andreas Lüscher, Heinz Müller-Schärer, Urs Schaffner