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Journal of the International Organization for Biological Control

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Life cycle of Harmonia axyridis in central Europe

The development and reproduction, and maximum number of generations across seasons were ascertained for populations of Harmonia axyridis (Pallas) (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) in Central Europe. Number of generations was calculated using the thermal …

13.12.2017 | Review

The importance of cryptic species and subspecific populations in classic biological control of weeds: a North American perspective

Classical biological control of weeds depends on finding agents that are highly host-specific. This requires not only correctly understanding the identity of the target plant, sometimes to subspecific levels, in order to find suitable agents, but …


Bactrocera oleae pupae predation by Ocypus olens detected by molecular gut content analysis

The pupae of Bactrocera oleae (Diptera: Tephritidae) complete their development during autumn and winter in the soil, rather than in the drupe, resulting susceptible to edaphic predators. Environmentally friendly methods to control this olive pest …

09.12.2017 Open Access

Biocontrol of Cameraria ohridella by insectivorous birds in different landscape contexts

The horse chestnut leaf miner (HCLM) Cameraria ohridella Deschka and Dimic (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae) is a novel but significant pest in Europe. Current control measures are either inefficient or environmentally harmful. Tits (Parus spp.) open …

05.12.2017 | Review

A review of Solanum mauritianum biocontrol: prospects, promise and problems: a way forward for South Africa and globally

The invasive tree Solanum mauritianum Scopoli remains one of the world’s most widespread environmental weeds. Despite biocontrol providing one of the few viable long-term solutions to tackling S. mauritianum invasions globally, only South Africa …

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BioControl, the official journal of the International Organization for Biological Control, presents original papers on basic and applied research in all aspects of biological control of invertebrate, vertebrate and weed pests, and plant diseases. Coverage includes biology and ecology of organisms for biological control, and aspects of use including biological controls for integrated pest management, such as plant resistance, pheromones and intercropping.

Organisms covered include parasitoids, invertebrate and vertebrate predators of pest animals and plants, mites, plant and insect pathogens, nematodes, and weeds.

The journal publishes interdisciplinary papers with a global perspective on the use of biological control in integrated pest management systems, and related developments in molecular biology and biotechnology that have direct relevance.

BioControl also publishes forum papers and invited reviews and Letters to the Editor.

5-Year Impact Factor: 2.102

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