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Biodiversity and Conservation

Biodiversity and Conservation 10/2001

Ausgabe 10/2001

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 10 Artikel )

01.10.2001 | Ausgabe 10/2001

The influence of agricultural land-use intensity on bryophyte species richness

Harald Gustav Zechmeister, Dietmar Moser

01.10.2001 | Ausgabe 10/2001

Conservation and environmental concerns in the Venezuelan Amazon

Otto Huber

01.10.2001 | Ausgabe 10/2001

Floristic composition and diversity of mixed primary and secondary forests in northwest Guyana

Tinde van Andel

01.10.2001 | Ausgabe 10/2001

Aquatic plant diversity in four river floodplains: a comparison at two hierarchical levels

G. Bornette, H. Piegay, A. Citterio, C. Amoros, V. Godreau

01.10.2001 | Ausgabe 10/2001

Hunting impact on waders in Spain: effects of species protection measures

Andres Barbosa

01.10.2001 | Ausgabe 10/2001

Hidden biodiversity in the groundwater of the Danube Flood Plain National Park (Austria)

Dan L. Danielopol, Peter Pospisil

01.10.2001 | Ausgabe 10/2001

Perceptions of the Forestry and Wildlife Policy by the local communities living in the Maputo Elephant Reserve, Mozambique

Bartolomeu Soto, Simon M. Munthali, Charles Breen

01.10.2001 | Ausgabe 10/2001

Urban biodiversity in local newspapers: a historical perspective

Timo Vuorisalo, Rauno Lahtinen, Hannu Laaksonen

01.10.2001 | Ausgabe 10/2001

Effects of prairie and barrens management on butterfly faunal composition

Ann B. Swengel, Scott R. Swengel

01.10.2001 | Ausgabe 10/2001

Impact and management of purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) in North America

Bernd Blossey, Luke C. Skinner, Janith Taylor

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