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Biodiversity and Conservation

Biodiversity and Conservation 10/2006

Ausgabe 10/2006

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 15 Artikel )

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 10/2006

Conservation status and ex situ cultivation efforts of endemic flora of the Juan Fernández Archipelago

Marcia Ricci

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 10/2006

Conservation and Utilisation of Abies guatemalensis Rehder (Pinaceae) – An Endangered Endemic Conifer in Central America

Uffe Strandby Andersen, José Pablo Prado Córdova, Marten Sørensen, Johannes Kollmann

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 10/2006

The Short-term Impact of Forest Fire on Soil Invertebrates in the Miombo

G. Sileshi, P. L. Mafongoya

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 10/2006

Seed dispersal in the dung of large herbivores: implications for restoration of Renosterveld shrubland old fields

Ndafuda N. Shiponeni, Suzanne J. Milton

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 10/2006

Talking Frogs: The Role of Communication in Ecological Research on Private Land

Anna Carr, Donna Hazell

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 10/2006

The Use of Morphological and AFLP Markers in Diversity Analysis of Linseed

W. Adugna, M. T. Labuschagne, C. D. Viljoen

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 10/2006

Reproductive Traits and Phenology of Plants in Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest on the Coromandel Coast of India

M. Arthur Selwyn, N. Parthasarathy

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 10/2006

Patterns of Species Richness at Varying Scales in Western Kenya: Planning for Agroecosystem Diversification

R. Kindt, P. Van Damme, A. J. Simons

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 10/2006

Genetic diversity analysis in sorghum germplasm as estimated by AFLP, SSR and morpho-agronomical markers

Nemera Geleta, Maryke T. Labuschagne, Chris D. Viljoen

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 10/2006

Distribution of Epilithic Diatoms in Response to Environmental Conditions in an Urban Tropical Stream, Central Kenya

George G. Ndiritu, Nathan N. Gichuki, Ludwig Triest

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 10/2006

Exotic Vertebrate Fauna in the Remote and Pristine Sub-Antarctic Cape Horn Archipelago, Chile

Christopher B. Anderson, Ricardo Rozzi, Juan C. Torres-Mura, Steven M. Mcgehee, Margaret F. Sherriffs, Elke Schüttler, Amy D. Rosemond

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 10/2006

Annual Survival and Turnover Rates of an Afrotropical Robin in a Fragmented Forest

M. Githiru, L. Lens

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 10/2006

Spatial Variations in the Abundance of Sporophila Seedeaters in the Southern Neotropics: Contrasting the Effects of Agricultural Development and Geographical Position

Julieta Filloy, M. Isabel Bellocq

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 10/2006

Potential Impact of Climate Change on the Northern Nemoral Forest Herb Flora of Europe

Jens-Christian Svenning, Flemming Skov

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 10/2006

Patterns of Spatial use and movement of the Poóuli – a critically endangered Hawaiian honeycreeper

Jim J. Groombridge, Bill Sparklin, Trent Malcolm, Chris N. Brosius, Marcy M. Okada, James C. Bruch

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