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Biodiversity and Conservation

Biodiversity and Conservation 11/2005

Ausgabe 11/2005

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 16 Artikel )

01.10.2005 | Guest Editorial | Ausgabe 11/2005

Monitoring Matters: Examining the Potential of Locally-based Approaches

Finn Danielsen, Neil D. Burgess, Andrew Balmford

01.10.2005 | Ausgabe 11/2005

Participatory Resource Monitoring as a Means for Promoting Social Change in Yunnan, China

Jeannette Van Rijsoort, Zhang Jinfeng

01.10.2005 | Ausgabe 11/2005

Monitoring Important Bird Areas in Africa: Towards a Sustainable and Scaleable System

Leon Bennun, Paul Matiku, Ronald Mulwa, Solomon Mwangi, Paul Buckley

01.10.2005 | Ausgabe 11/2005

Projects Come, Projects Go: Lessons from Participatory Monitoring in Southern Laos

Michael Køie Poulsen, Khamphay Luanglath

01.10.2005 | Ausgabe 11/2005

The Event Book System: A Community-based Natural Resource Monitoring System from Namibia

Greg Stuart-Hill, Richard Diggle, Bevan Munali, Jo Tagg, David Ward

01.10.2005 | Ausgabe 11/2005

Does Monitoring Matter? A Quantitative Assessment of Management Decisions from Locally-based Monitoring of Protected Areas

Finn Danielsen, Arne E. Jensen, Phillip A. Alviola, Danilo S. Balete, Marlynn Mendoza, Anson Tagtag, Carlo Custodio, Martin Enghoff

01.10.2005 | Ausgabe 11/2005

Community-based Monitoring of Natural Resource Use and Forest Quality in Montane Forests and Miombo Woodlands of Tanzania

Elmer Topp-Jørgensen, Michael K. Poulsen, Jens Friis Lund, John F. Massao

01.10.2005 | Ausgabe 11/2005

Hunter Self-monitoring by the Isoseño-Guaraní in the Bolivian Chaco

Andrew J. Noss, Imke Oetting, Rosa Leny Cuéllar

01.10.2005 | Ausgabe 11/2005

Community-based Monitoring of Fog Capture and Biodiversity at Loma Alta, Ecuador Enhance Social Capital and Institutional Cooperation

C. Dustin Becker, Ana Agreda, Evelyng Astudillo, Melina Costantino, Pascual Torres

01.10.2005 | Ausgabe 11/2005

How Much is Enough? Estimating the Minimum Sampling Required for Effective Monitoring of African Reserves

Justin S. Brashares, Moses K. Sam

01.10.2005 | Ausgabe 11/2005

Ranger Based Monitoring in the Virunga–Bwindi Region of East-Central Africa: A Simple Data Collection Tool for Park Management

Maryke Gray, José Kalpers

01.10.2005 | Ausgabe 11/2005

Cofán Indians’ Monitoring of Freshwater Turtles in Zábalo, Ecuador

Wendy R. Townsend, A. Randall Borman, Eduardo Yiyoguaje, Luis Mendua

01.10.2005 | Ausgabe 11/2005

Participatory Ecological Monitoring of the Alaotra Wetlands in Madagascar

Herizo T. Andrianandrasana, Jonah Randriamahefasoa, Joanna Durbin, Richard E. Lewis, Jonah H. Ratsimbazafy

01.10.2005 | Ausgabe 11/2005

Monitoring and Evaluation of Reef Protected Areas by Local Fishers in the Philippines: Tightening the Adaptive Management Cycle

Andre J. Uychiaoco, Hazel O. Arceo, Stuart J. Green, Margarita T. De La Cruz, Paulyn A. Gaite, Porfirio M. Aliño

01.10.2005 | Ausgabe 11/2005

When Should Communities and Conservationists Monitor Exploited Resources?

Neal J. Hockley, Julia P.G. Jones, Fortunat B. Andriahajaina, Andrea Manica, Emma H. Ranambitsoa, Jean A. Randriamboahary

01.10.2005 | Ausgabe 11/2005

Wordbirds: Developing a Web-based Data Collection System for the Global Monitoring of Bird Distribution and Abundance

Rachel L. Roberts, Paul F. Donald, Ian J. Fisher

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