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Biodiversity and Conservation

Biodiversity and Conservation 14/2006

Ausgabe 14/2006

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 17 Artikel )

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 14/2006

Attitudes of Scottish City Inhabitants to Cetacean Conservation

C. Howard, E. C. M. Parsons

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 14/2006

Genetic Variation in Three Endangered Species of Encholirium (Bromeliaceae) from Cadeia do Espinhaço, Brazil, Setected using RAPD Markers

Marcelo Mattos Cavallari, Rafaela Campostrini Forzza, Elizabeth Ann Veasey, Maria Imaculada Zucchi, Giancarlo Conde Xavier Oliveira

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 14/2006

Short- and Long-term Changes in Elk Use and Forage Production in Sagebrush Communities Following Prescribed Burning

Fred Van Dyke, Jeffrey A. Darragh

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 14/2006

Effects of Water Level Management on Autumn Staging Waterbird and Macrophyte Diversity in Three Danish Coastal Lagoons

Thomas Eske Holm, Preben Clausen

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 14/2006

Bird Community Changes in Response to Single and Repeated Fires in a Lowland Tropical Rainforest of Eastern Borneo

J. W. F. Slik, S. Van Balen

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 14/2006

Bryophyte and Lichen Diversity Under Simulated Environmental Change Compared with Observed Variation in Unmanipulated Alpine Tundra

Annika K. Jägerbrand, Karin E. M. Lindblad, Robert G. Björk, Juha M. Alatalo, Ulf Molau

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 14/2006

Using Self-Organizing Maps to Explore Patterns in Species Richness and Protection

Matthew E. Hopton, Audrey L. Mayer

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 14/2006

Human Body-mass Index (Weight in kg/stature in m2) as a Useful Proxy to Assess the Relation between Income and Wildlife Consumption in Poor Rural Societies

Ricardo Godoy, David S. Wilkie, Victoria Reyes-García, William R. Leonard, Tomás Huanca, Thomas Mcdade, Vincent Vadez, Susan Tanner

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 14/2006

Are Water Beetles Good Indicators of Biodiversity in Mediterranean Aquatic Ecosystems? The Case of the Segura River Basin (SE Spain)

David Sánchez-Fernández, Pedro Abellán, Andrés Mellado, Josefa Velasco, Andrés Millán

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 14/2006

Rodent Diversity in a Highly Degraded Tropical Landscape: Hong Kong, South China

Kylie P. S. Chung, Richard T. Corlett

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 14/2006

Does the Existence of Bird's Nest Ferns Enhance the Diversity of Oribatid (Acari: Oribatida) Communities in a Subtropical Forest?

Shigenori Karasawa, Naoki Hijii

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 14/2006

Conservation Targets for Viable Species Assemblages in Canada: Are Percentage Targets Appropriate?

Yolanda F. Wiersma, Thomas D. Nudds

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 14/2006

How can Habitat Selection Affect the use of a Wetland Complex by Waterbirds?

Mariano Paracuellos

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 14/2006

Geographic Assessment of Present Protected Areas in Japan for Representativeness of Forest Communities

Mikio Kamei, Nobukazu Nakagoshi

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 14/2006

Threat Status and Distribution of the Earthworm Genus Helodrilus Hoffmeister, 1845; Sensu Zicsi 1985, on the Balkans and the Neighboring Regions

Mirjana Stojanović, Spasenija Karaman

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 14/2006

Endoparasite Species Richness of Iberian Carnivores: Influences of Host Density and Range Distribution

Jordi Torres, Jordi Miquel, Juan-Carlos Casanova, Alexis Ribas, Carlos Feliu, Serge Morand

01.12.2006 | Ausgabe 14/2006

Animal Preferences and Acceptability of Wildlife Management Actions around Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Bjørn P. Kaltenborn, Tore Bjerke, Julius W. Nyahongo, Daniel R. Williams

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