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Biodiversity and Conservation

Biodiversity and Conservation 3/2001

Ausgabe 3/2001

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 9 Artikel )

01.03.2001 | Ausgabe 3/2001

Diversity and distribution of herbaceous vascular epiphytes in a tropical evergreen forest at Varagalaiar, Western Ghats, India

J. Annaselvam, N. Parthasarathy

01.03.2001 | Ausgabe 3/2001

A comparison of the diversity and structure of butterfly communities in semi-natural and human-modified grassland habitats at the foot of Mt. Fuji, central Japan

Masahiko Kitahara, Kunihiko Sei

01.03.2001 | Ausgabe 3/2001

Incorporating landscape transformation into local conservation prioritization: a case study in the Western Ghats, India

Harini Nagendra

01.03.2001 | Ausgabe 3/2001

Spatial and temporal analysis of α, β and γ diversities of bats in a fragmented landscape

Claudia E. Moreno, Gonzalo Halffter

01.03.2001 | Ausgabe 3/2001

The effectiveness of botanic garden collections in supporting plant conservation: a European case study

Mike Maunder, Sarah Higgens, Alastair Culham

01.03.2001 | Ausgabe 3/2001

The ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) of exposed riverine sediments in Scotland and northern England

M.D. Eyre, M.L. Luff, D.A. Phillips

01.03.2001 | Ausgabe 3/2001

Landscape classification and strategic assessment for conservation: an analysis of native cover loss in far south-east Australia

R.G. Lesslie

01.03.2001 | Ausgabe 3/2001

No general edge effects for invertebrates at Afromontane forest/grassland ecotones

D.J. Kotze, M.J. Samways

01.03.2001 | Ausgabe 3/2001

Valuing ecological functions of biodiversity in Changbaishan Mountain Biosphere Reserve in Northeast China

Dayuan Xue, Clem Tisdell

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