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Biodiversity and Conservation

Biodiversity and Conservation 3/2004

Ausgabe 3/2004

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 12 Artikel )

01.03.2004 | Ausgabe 3/2004

A long-term comparison of the benthic algal flora of Clare Island, County Mayo, western Ireland

Fabio Rindi, Michael D. Guiry

01.03.2004 | Ausgabe 3/2004

Herbivory and climatic warming: a Mediterranean outbreaking caterpillar attacks a relict, boreal pine species

José A. Hódar, Regino Zamora

01.03.2004 | Ausgabe 3/2004

Floristic inventory of secondary vegetation in agricultural systems of East-Amazonia

Renate Baar, Manoel Dos Reis Cordeiro, Manfred Denich, Horst Fölster

01.03.2004 | Ausgabe 3/2004

Stand characteristics in colour-infrared aerial photographs as indicators of epiphytic lichens

Peter Ask, Sven G. Nilsson

01.03.2004 | Ausgabe 3/2004

What saved the whales? An economic analysis of 20th century whaling

Viktoria Schneider, David Pearce

01.03.2004 | Ausgabe 3/2004

Tree diversity change in remaining primary mixed-broadleaved Korean pine forest under climate change and human activities

Xiongwen Chen, Bai-Lian Li

01.03.2004 | Ausgabe 3/2004

Pollen flow of cultivated rice measured under experimental conditions

Zhiping Song, Bao-Rong Lu, Jiakuan Chen

01.03.2004 | Ausgabe 3/2004

Local community attitudes to wildlife utilisation in the changing economic and social context of Mongolia

D.G. Pratt, D.C. Macmillan, I.J. Gordon

01.03.2004 | Ausgabe 3/2004

Mapping and monitoring of coastal wetlands of Çukurova Delta in the Eastern Mediterranean region

Süha Berberoglu, K. Tuluhan Yilmaz, Coskun Özkan

01.03.2004 | Ausgabe 3/2004

The re-stocking of captive-bred ruffed lemurs (Varecia variegata variegata) into the Betampona Reserve, Madagascar: methodology and recommendations

Adam Britt, Charles Welch, Andrea Katz, Bernard Iambana, Ingrid Porton, Randall Junge, Graham Crawford, Cathy Williams, David Haring

01.03.2004 | Ausgabe 3/2004

Hierarchical Partitioning Public-domain Software

Ralph Mac Nally, Christopher J. Walsh

01.03.2004 | Ausgabe 3/2004

Book Review: Ecoagriculture; Strategies to Feed the World and Save Wild Biodiversity

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