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Biodiversity and Conservation

Biodiversity and Conservation 6/2005

Ausgabe 6/2005

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 15 Artikel )

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

Vascular plant diversity and climate change in the alpine belt of the central Apennines (Italy)

Angela Stanisci, Giovanni Pelino, Carlo Blasi

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

Factors influencing the spatial distribution patterns of the bullhead (Cottus gobio L., Teleostei Cottidae): a multi-scale study

M. Legalle, F. Santoul, J. Figuerola, S. Mastrorillo, R. Céréghino

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

Tree population changes in a tropical dry evergreen forest of south India over a decade (1992–2002)

R. Venkateswaran, N. Parthasarathy

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

Species richness coincidence: conservation strategies based on predictive modelling

Dirk Maes, Dirk Bauwens, Luc De Bruyn, Anny Anselin, Glenn Vermeersch, Wouter Van Landuyt, Geert De Knijf, Marius Gilbert

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

Invasion risks posed by the aquarium trade and live fish markets on the Laurentian Great Lakes

Corinne A.M. Rixon1, Ian C. Duggan, Nathalie M.N. Bergeron, Anthony Ricciardi, Hugh J. Macisaac

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

Spatio-temporal patterns of the decline of freshwater mussels in the Little South Fork Cumberland River, USA

Melvin L. Warren Jr., Wendell R. Haag

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

Rare plants at the extremes of distribution: broadly and narrowly distributed rare species

Michele H. Mills, Mark W. Schwartz

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

Have recent changes in forest structure reduced the Estonian black stork Ciconia nigra population?

Asko Lõhmus, Urmas Sellis, Raul Rosenvald

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

The use of RAPD markers for detecting genetic diversity, relationship and molecular identification of Chinese elite tea genetic resources [Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze] preserved in a tea germplasm repository

Liang Chen, Qi-kang Gao, Da-ming Chen, Chang-jie Xu

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

Is the serpentine aster, Symphyotrichum depauperatum (Fern.) Nesom, a valid species and actually endemic to eastern serpentine barrens?

Danny J. Gustafson, Roger Earl Latham

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

Fractal analysis of plant spatial patterns: a monitoring tool for vegetation transition shifts

C. L. Alados, Y. Pueyo, D. Navas, B. Cabezudo, A. Gonzalez, D. C. Freeman

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

Remotely sensed landscape heterogeneity as a rapid tool for assessing local biodiversity value in a highly modified New Zealand landscape

Robert M. Ewers, Raphael K. Didham, Stephen D. Wratten, Jason M. Tylianakis

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

Vegetation types of mountain tops in Damaraland, Namibia

Antje Burke

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

Is there a future for wild grapevine (Vitis vinifera subsp. silvestris) in the Rhine Valley?

Claire Arnold, Annik Schnitzler, Anne Douard, Richard Peter, François Gillet

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 6/2005

Plecoptera response to acidification in several headwater streams in the Vosges Mountains (northeastern France)

Guillaume Tixier, François Guérold

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