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Biodiversity and Conservation

Biodiversity and Conservation 7/2001

Ausgabe 7/2001

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 14 Artikel )

01.07.2001 | Ausgabe 7/2001

Recent changes in coral assemblages of a South African coral reef, with recommendations for long-term monitoring

Ingrid E. Jordan, Michael J. Samways

01.07.2001 | Ausgabe 7/2001

Relative value of riparian woodlands in landscapes with different forest cover for medium-sized Iberian carnivores

Emilio Virgós

01.07.2001 | Ausgabe 7/2001

The value of information in reserve site selection

Stephen Polasky, Andrew R. Solow

01.07.2001 | Ausgabe 7/2001

Effects of landscape changes on mammalian assemblages at Izta-Popo Volcanoes, Mexico

Alejandro Velázquez, Francisco J. Romero, Héctor Rangel-Cordero, Gerrit W. Heil

01.07.2001 | Ausgabe 7/2001

Tropical forest fragmentation and nest predation – an experimental study in an Eastern Arc montane forest, Tanzania

Allan Carlson, Göran Hartman

01.07.2001 | Ausgabe 7/2001

Change of tree diversity on Northeast China Transect (NECT)

Chen Xiongwen

01.07.2001 | Ausgabe 7/2001

Diversity, spatial arrangement, and endemism of Cactaceae in the Huizache area, a hot-spot in the Chihuahuan Desert

Héctor M. Hernández, Carlos Gómez-Hinostrosa, Rolando T. Bárcenas

01.07.2001 | Ausgabe 7/2001

Status and distribution of anthropogenic pressure in the buffer zone of Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve in western Himalaya, India

Chandra Shekhar Silori

01.07.2001 | Ausgabe 7/2001

Home range area in the tortoise Testudo hermanni in relation to habitat complexity: implications for conservation of biodiversity

S. Longepierre, A. Hailey, C. Grenot

01.07.2001 | Ausgabe 7/2001

A literature review of insect responses to fire, compared to other conservation managements of open habitat

Ann B. Swengel

01.07.2001 | Ausgabe 7/2001

Biodiversity under rocks: the role of microhabitats in structuring invertebrate communities in Brazilian outcrops

Rodrigo Lopes Ferreira, Marconi Souz Silva

01.07.2001 | Ausgabe 7/2001

Habitat use by endemic and introduced rodents along a gradient of forest disturbance in Madagascar

Jukka T. Lehtonen, Olli Mustonen, Haingotiana Ramiarinjanahary, Jari Niemelä, Hannu Rita

01.07.2001 | Ausgabe 7/2001

Plant biodiversity of two tropical dry evergreen forests in the Pondicherry region of South India and the role of belief systems in their conservation

M.P. Ramanujam, D. Kadamban

01.07.2001 | Ausgabe 7/2001

Eradication of alien predators in the Seychelles: an example of conservation action on tropical islands

Nirmal Jivan Shah

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