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Biodiversity and Conservation

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17.08.2017 | Original Paper

Comparison of road surveys and circuit theory to predict hotspot locations for implementing road-effect mitigation

The mitigation of road-effects on wildlife, especially road mortality and habitat fragmentation, has become increasingly common in the last 20 years. However, exclusion fencing and habitat connectivity structures can be very costly and several …

17.08.2017 | Letter to the Editor

Raising awareness of the plight of the critically endangered European mink in Spain is not miscommunication: a response to Melero

16.08.2017 | Original Paper

A hot-spot of biodiversity in Northern Patagonia, Argentina

Located along the Argentine coastline of northern Patagonia, are San Matías (SMG) and San José (SJG) gulfs; although they are regarded as an area with a high-priority conservational status, knowledge on their diversity is currently fragmentary.

12.08.2017 | Original Paper

Methods for monitoring threatened bryophytes

Monitoring is an indispensable tool for assessment of the state of species both locally and globally. The monitoring of bryophyte species has started quite recently and there is need for uniform methods that can be applied in different countries …

12.08.2017 | Original Paper

Habitat selection by Canada lynx: making do in heavily fragmented landscapes

Habitat loss and fragmentation result in landscapes where high quality habitat patches are surrounded by matrix habitats of low and variable quality. For mobile species to persist in such landscapes, individual animals often rely on the high …

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Biodiversity and Conservation is an international journal that publishes articles on all aspects of biological diversity-its description, analysis and conservation, and its controlled rational use by humankind. The scope of Biodiversity and Conservation is wide and multidisciplinary, and embraces all life-forms.

The journal presents research papers, as well as editorials, comments and research notes on biodiversity and conservation, and contributions dealing with the practicalities of conservation management, economic, social and political issues. The journal provides a forum for examining conflicts between sustainable development and human dependence on biodiversity in agriculture, environmental management and biotechnology, and encourages contributions from developing countries to promote broad global perspectives on matters of biodiversity and conservation.

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