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Biodiversity and Conservation

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05.07.2018 | Original Paper

Influence of macroclimate and local conservation measures on taxonomic, functional, and phylogenetic diversities of saproxylic beetles and wood-inhabiting fungi

Wood-inhabiting fungi and saproxylic beetles are threatened by habitat degradation. Our understanding of the importance of macroclimate and local factors determining their taxonomic diversity has increased, but determinants of functional and …

30.06.2018 | Commentary

Comments on “a framework for assessing readiness for tiger reintroductions”

We comment on five aspects of Gray et al.’s (Biodivers Conserv, , 2017a) framework for assessing the readiness of sites for tiger reintroductions. Clarifications in numbers of tigers, available habitat and …

29.06.2018 | Original Paper

Spatially-explicit analyses reveal the distribution of genetic diversity and plant conservation status in Cerrado biome

Despite the huge biodiversity of the Cerrado biome, a synthesis on the distribution of genetic diversity across the biome is still wanting. We describe patterns of plant genetic variation across the Cerrado biome, highlighting areas of high …

28.06.2018 | Original Paper

Tree diversity and above-ground biomass in the South America Cerrado biome and their conservation implications

Less than half of the original two million square kilometers of the Cerrado vegetation remains standing, and there are still many uncertainties as to how to conserve and prioritize remaining areas effectively. A key limitation is the continuing …

27.06.2018 | Original Paper

Contrasting patterns and drivers in taxonomic versus functional diversity, and community assembly of aquatic plants in subtropical lakes

Little is known about the differences in patterns and drivers between species richness (SR) and functional diversity (FD) in aquatic plants at large scales, and the underlying assembly mechanisms are not well studied. We compared SR and FD …

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Biodiversity and Conservation is an international journal that publishes articles on all aspects of biological diversity-its description, analysis and conservation, and its controlled rational use by humankind. The scope of Biodiversity and Conservation is wide and multidisciplinary, and embraces all life-forms.

The journal presents research papers, as well as editorials, comments and research notes on biodiversity and conservation, and contributions dealing with the practicalities of conservation management, economic, social and political issues. The journal provides a forum for examining conflicts between sustainable development and human dependence on biodiversity in agriculture, environmental management and biotechnology, and encourages contributions from developing countries to promote broad global perspectives on matters of biodiversity and conservation.

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Unsicherheitsabschätzung für die Berechnung von dynamischen Überschwemmungskarten – Fallstudie Kulmbach

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