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Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery 1/2011

Ausgabe 1/2011

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01.03.2011 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2011

Comparative study of stability and half-life of enzymes and enzyme aggregates implemented in anaerobic biogas processes

Roman Binner, Veronika Menath, Harald Huber, Michael Thomm, Franz Bischof, Doris Schmack, Monika Reuter

01.03.2011 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2011

2nd generation lignocellulosic bioethanol: is torrefaction a possible approach to biomass pretreatment?

David Chiaramonti, Andrea Maria Rizzo, Matteo Prussi, Silvana Tedeschi, Francesco Zimbardi, Giacobbe Braccio, Egidio Viola, Paolo Taddei Pardelli

01.03.2011 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2011

Effect of mineral matters in biomass on the gasification rate of their chars

Toshimitsu Suzuki, Hiroshi Nakajima, Na-oki Ikenaga, Hirokazu Oda, Takanori Miyake

01.03.2011 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2011

Hydroprocessing of Fischer–Tropsch biowaxes to second-generation biofuels

Harald Walter Schablitzky, J. Lichtscheidl, K. Hutter, Ch. Hafner, R. Rauch, H. Hofbauer

01.03.2011 | Original Article | Ausgabe 1/2011

Steam gasification of various feedstocks at a dual fluidised bed gasifier: Impacts of operation conditions and bed materials

Christoph Pfeifer, Stefan Koppatz, Hermann Hofbauer

01.03.2011 | Review Article | Ausgabe 1/2011

Hydrogen from biomass: large-scale hydrogen production based on a dual fluidized bed steam gasification system

Stefan Müller, Martin Stidl, Tobias Pröll, Reinhard Rauch, Hermann Hofbauer

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