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Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery

Processing of Biogenic Material for Energy and Chemistry

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery OnlineFirst articles

03.11.2017 | Original Article

Evaluation of organosolv pretreatment for bioethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass: solvent recycle and process integration

The production of bioethanol from lignocellulosic feedstock has proven to be a complex task due to the recalcitrant structure of the biomass. Organosolv pretreatment is a promising alternative to remove nearly pure lignin from the biomass and make …

31.10.2017 | Original Article

A novel dual-bed for steam gasification of biomass

A unique indirect steam gasification system for biomass has been developed and tested. The unit features a bubbling bed gasifier equipped with a “sore thumb” and central standpipe, which circulate a mixture of bed material and char through a …

31.10.2017 | Original Article Open Access

Understanding the mechanisms of cooperative physico-chemical treatment and mechanical disintegration of biomass as a route for enhancing enzyme saccharification

A novel chemico-kinetic disintegration model has been applied to study the cooperative relationship between physico-chemical treatment and supplementary wet-state milling of biomass, as an efficient process route to achieve high enzyme …

23.10.2017 | Original Article

Reduction of inorganics from macroalgae Laminaria digitata and spent mushroom compost (SMC) by acid leaching and selective hydrothermal liquefaction

Hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) is a promising route for producing bio-crude from various biomass feedstocks. However, high content of inorganic constituents in biomass like macroalgae Laminaria digitata and spent mushroom compost (SMC) affect the …

23.10.2017 | Original Article

Fertilizer and activated carbon production by hydrothermal carbonization of digestate

In this study, the efficiency of recycling phosphate from digestate through hydrothermal carbonization and subsequent production of an activated carbon with high surface area was investigated. Phosphate fractionation was conducted to understand …

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Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery presents articles and information on research, development and applications in thermo-chemical conversion; physico-chemical conversion and bio-chemical conversion, including all necessary steps for the provision and preparation of the biomass as well as all possible downstream processing steps for the environmentally sound and economically viable provision of energy and chemical products.

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