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Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery

Processing of Biogenic Material for Energy and Chemistry

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery OnlineFirst articles

22.05.2020 | Original Article

Structural changes of waste biomass induced by alkaline treatment: the effect on crystallinity and thermal properties

A low-cost waste biomass generated from a food industry, apricot shells, was subjected to alkali modification in order to compare morphology, crystalline structure and thermal stability of native and modified biomass, accompanied by their …

22.05.2020 | Original Article

Kinetic, equilibrium, thermodynamic, and desorption studies for sequestration of acid dye using waste biomass as sustainable adsorbents

In the present study, tea waste (TW) and cashew nut shell (CNS), waste biomasses are employed in removal of Acid Green 25 dye from aqueous media. Adsorbents are characterized using BET, SEM, zeta potential, and FTIR analyses. BET surface area was …

21.05.2020 | Original Article

Potassium compounds-Al2O3 catalyst synthesized by using the sol-gel urea combustion method for transesterification of sunflower and waste cooking oils

The nanostructured composite catalyst of potassium compounds-Al2O3, or briefly K/Al2O3, was prepared by using the sol-gel urea combustion method using potassium and aluminum nitrates as precursors, which was applied in the transesterification …

21.05.2020 | Review Article

Choline chloride–based deep eutectic solvents (Ch-DESs) as promising green solvents for phenolic compounds extraction from bioresources: state-of-the-art, prospects, and challenges

As the demand for phenolic compounds in pharmaceutical, food, nutraceutical, and cosmetic production is escalating, recovery of phenolic compounds from bioresources has been receiving great concerns from the scientific community. Renewable …

21.05.2020 | Original Article

Effect of fuel composition uncertainty on grate firing biomass combustor performance: a Bayesian model averaging approach

Biomass has great potential to meet greenhouse gas reduction and fuel supply security in the future. Although the grate biomass combustors are increasingly deployed worldwide to generate energy from solid biomass, challenges in understanding the …

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