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Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery

Processing of Biogenic Material for Energy and Chemistry

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22.04.2019 | Original Article

Formation of humins during degradation of carbohydrates and furfural derivatives in various solvents

Humins are undesired solids formed during the hydrothermal degradation of carbohydrates. In order to reveal the mechanism of formation of humins, we studied the degradation behavior of 11 model compounds including carbohydrates and furfural …

19.04.2019 | Original Article

Lignin extraction from oil palm empty fruit bunch fiber (OPEFBF) via different alkaline treatments

This study was conducted to investigate the efficiency of lignin extraction from oil palm empty fruit bunch fiber (OPEFBF) by using aqueous sodium hydroxide and aqueous ammonia solutions. In this study, the aqueous ammonia treatment was conducted …

16.04.2019 | Original Article

Fuel properties and combustion kinetics of hydrochar derived from co-hydrothermal carbonization of tobacco residues and graphene oxide

Tobacco residues produced from domestic cigarette industry are an abundant biomass resource which have the potential to be exploited and utilized as solid fuel. In the present study, a comprehensive investigation was performed on the fuel …

16.04.2019 | Original Article

Enzymatic demethylation of Kraft lignin for lignin-based phenol-formaldehyde resin applications

Wood-rot fungi from the Boreal Forest of Canada were studied for their ability to demethylate Kraft lignin (KL). Demethylation by the action of enzymes (O-demethylases) removed the O-methyl/methoxyl groups of lignin liberating methanol, and …

16.04.2019 | Original Article

Sustainable porous carbons from garlic peel biowaste and KOH activation with an excellent CO2 adsorption performance

Biomass is regarded as promising low-cost carbon source while the direct biomass pyrolysis usually shows low-surface-area or even non-porous, and therefore not useful for CO2 capture. Here, garlic peel was chemically activated by KOH to obtain …

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