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31.07.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2017 Open Access

Wireless Personal Communications 3/2017

Blind Separation of Weak Object Signals Against the Unknown Strong Jamming in Communication Systems

Wireless Personal Communications > Ausgabe 3/2017
Chengjie Li, Lidong Zhu, Anhong Xie, Zhongqiang Luo


To obtain the mixed weak object signal against the super power signal (jamming) is still an challenging task in modern communication systems. In this paper, a novel framework is designed for weak object signal blind separation against the strong interference signal. To extract the strong interference signal,firstly, we separate the mixed signals with the optimized FastICA algorithm, then, an improved Interference Cancellation algorithm is proposed as reference signal based on the separated strong signal. Next, we separate the weak mixed signals by the improved FastICA algorithm again. Finally, we discuss the performance of the proposed method and verify the novel method based on several simulations. The experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed method.
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